Men who age slowly usually have these 5 habits, how many habits do you have?

Introduction: Nowadays, not only female friends pay special attention to their image and appearance, but even some male friends begin to pay attention to their body and appearance. Appearance, after all, everyone hopes that they are in a perfect state, and they all hope that they will be forever young.

Many male friends do not pay much attention to appearance at the beginning, coupled with the relatively high pressure of life and work, this will easily accelerate aging , and cause premature aging in men.

But there are some males But I found such a phenomenon, there are some men who have already passed their thirties, but they still look like refreshing teenagers, and the age seems to go very slowly on them.

So old and slow men, what kind of habits do they generally have in daily life? Today, I will take everyone to find out together, and see how many of them you have accounted for?

The life limit of the human body has been discovered

In recent years, scientists have been exploring the life limit of human beings, so for humans, is it really possible to do How about a long life?

In a previous study in cooperation between the United States and Singapore, through a continuous count of blood markers in the body Months of monitoring, the final research results found that the limit life span of human beings is between 120 and 150 years old.

Why Some people look old, or it is related to these two factors

▼It is related to genetics

The reason why some people appear older is that they are affected by genetic factors, such as appearance and skin are genetically regulated.

In addition, there are also a series of studies that have found that some specific genes in the body may make people more visible old.

For example, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Unilever Group Researchers from other countries have found through research that people with the MC1R gene in their bodies will be two years older on average than other people of the same age in terms of appearance.

is related to acquired factors

If you develop some bad living and eating habits in your daily life, it will easily affect the growth of the skin and accelerate skin aging , make yourself look older than your peers.

Such as staying up late, drinking less water, not exercising, stress, etc., these acquired factors will easily make people more Look old.

At what age do men generally start to age?

“Huangdi Neijing” once had such a record: “Eight men and seven women”.

Eight men and seven women actually refers to a summary of the growth and development cycle of men and women, and this mainly refers to It is a period of 8 years for men, and 7 years for women.

After 7 cycles, the body’s aging rate will also continue to accelerate.

According to the calculation formula in ancient times, the time for a man to go through 7 cycles is the time when he is 56 years old Over time, the body will gradually enter a period of aging.

According to the physiological and physical examination research of foreign researchers on the speed of physical aging, more than 10,000 people have been observed, Their kidney function, liver function and body organs such as excitement.

The final study found that after the age of 38, people’s aging speed does not show a significant acceleration, but after 56 The problem of not doing what you want around the age of 10 and getting old slowly.

Old Slow men generally have these 5 habits, how many do you have?

Regular schedule

In our current life, many people have the habit of staying up late, and staying up late has become commonplace. Some people stay up late passively, while others stay up late actively.

Through regular work and rest, the organs of the body can be fully rested and recuperated, and adequate sleep , can effectively guarantee the health of the body.

If you often stay up late, it will easily cause damage to multiple systems of the body, and in the long run it will easily accelerate the body senescence.

And those old and slow men have always had a regular sleep schedule and kept getting up early and going to bed early habit.

Stay active

< p data-track="33">Perhaps I don’t need to say more about the benefits of exercise. You already know a thing or two, especially for those male friends who are getting fatter and fatter, you must keep appropriate exercise.

Exercise can not only help improve Physical vitality and quality can also help delay the body’s aging speed, help shape perfect curves, and make you look younger.

And those old and slow men almost have the habit of exercising at ordinary times, through exercise can help maintain The skin firming is accelerated, the toxins and garbage in the pores are discharged, and the skin can be effectively cleaned, which is more useful than applying any skin care products.

Keep your weight within the normal range< /p>

Nowadays, there are more and more obese people, and some studies have found that compared with ordinary people, obese people, their aging It will also be faster.

If the body is obese, the whole person will be in an overloaded working state, so this is also It will easily accelerate the aging of the body.

For those old and slow men, their weight generally remains within the normal range In this way, it can not only look younger, but also help prevent the arrival of certain chronic diseases.

< span>Insist on streamlining skin care

When it comes to skin care, perhaps many people think it is Exclusively for female friends, in fact, it is a big mistake to have this idea.

Looking at it now In the era of face, male friends also pay special attention to their facial maintenance, especially in the choice of skin care products.

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For those old and slow men, they will wash their face in the morning and evening, and after washing their face, they will also apply a mask or moisturizer. This can reduce wrinkles very well and keep the skin tender and shiny.

Healthy diet< /span>

The healthy diet mentioned here also includes many contents, such as balanced diet, light diet, Eat only 70% or 80% full, etc. .

Many people prefer to eat some high-fat and high-calorie foods when eating, but such foods If you eat too much, it will easily cause the body to take in too much oxygen free radicals, thereby accelerating the aging process of men.

And those who eat a light diet usually pay attention to balanced nutrition intake, which can promote gastrointestinal motility , can also accelerate the body’s metabolism, which can delay aging problems very well.

What are the manifestations of aging in men?

Getting fat

Being fat is a very obvious manifestation of male aging. With age, the body’s metabolic efficiency will decrease, and the body’s ability to absorb fat will also decrease at this time, which is It will easily cause men to get fat and fat.

Elongated teeth

If you suddenly find that your teeth have become longer, it proves that aging is approaching step by step. Related studies have found that the teeth of middle-aged and elderly men are about 6 mm longer than those of young men.

Motion Decreased ability

When a man reaches a certain age, his athletic ability will be significantly weakened. I went up to the 5th floor in one breath without being tired or out of breath. Now I feel breathless and tired after a little exercise. In fact, this is a very common manifestation of aging.

Conclusion: I don’t know how many of the above 5 habits you have, if you don’t have any Pay attention, everyone can develop these good habits from now on, it’s not too late!