Don’t buy these 5 types of table salt in the future. If you have already bought it, throw it away. Don’t eat it anymore. It’s not good for your body

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Guide: Don’t buy these 5 kinds of salt in the future. If you have already bought it, throw it away. Don’t eat it again. It’s not good for your body!

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards and quality of life have been improved to a certain extent, and now people only need a little money in their pockets If you do this, you can go directly to the market to buy what you want, whether it is food, drink, use, play, clothing, etc., you can go directly to the market to buy it.

Like we share with you today Edible salt is also very common in our daily life, because edible salt can be said to be one of the indispensable condiments in our lives. Whether it is to make some food or to wash fruits, these edible salts are basically used, which can not only improve the taste, but also disinfect. Therefore, it has many functions. At the same time, salt can also help us clear stomach fire and participate in metabolism, which is good for us. Therefore, in our daily life, we cannot do without edible salt.

When we go to the market to buy edible salt, we will also find edible salt The price, variety, quality, and packaging make people dizzy. However, in any case, when we buy edible salt in the market, we must not buy these five kinds of edible salt. Friends who bought it should throw it away, don’t eat it, it’s bad for your health. If you still don’t know what these five kinds of edible salt are, then go and find out with the editor. I hope that when you encounter them, you must try to buy as little as possible.

First, salt with many impurities.

In fact, there are many such salts on the market, that is, edible salt. There are many impurities in it, indicating that its manufacturing process is very rough. Generally speaking, they are made by some small workshops. This edible salt is also called fake salt. It’s also rough in texture and substandard in build quality. So, some poor quality fake salt.

The second refers to the salt without any expiry date .

In fact, this kind of salt is similar to the fake salt mentioned above. Why do you say that? Since these fake salts have no expiry date, no one knows how long they will last. Generally speaking, although salt will not go bad, it also has a shelf life. It may taste better if eaten within the shelf life, but after the shelf life, the texture and taste will change significantly, so it is not recommended for everyone to buy.

The third type refers to the salt with problematic anti-counterfeiting marks .

In fact, thisKinds of salt are also very common in the market, because many ingredients have certain anti-counterfeiting marks, that is, we can use this anti-counterfeiting mark to distinguish the authenticity. If there is a problem with this anti-counterfeiting mark, it means that it is some fake cigarettes. In addition, it is easy to see its anti-counterfeiting mark. Just some fake security signs. Its pattern is very ordinary, without any gloss and flatness, and the printing quality is also very poor.

The fourth type refers to salt with problematic packaging.

This kind of salt, it will have some holes, or too many creases, the coding of the packaging is messy, or it is repeated directly. This salt is problematic, don’t buy it.

The fifth refers to the strange taste of salt.

In fact, this kind of salt is also very common in the market, because when we buy edible salt, many people may eat it. When we go home, we can taste it directly in advance. If it is salty, it means that the quality is good. If the salt is neither salty nor bitter, it means that the quality of the salt is not good, so don’t eat it.

So, today, I will share the above five kinds of salt with Everyone, it is not recommended to buy it, otherwise it may have a certain impact on our body, but it will also waste money.

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