When buying rice, there are no such “two words” on the rice bag. The owner of the grain and oil store does not recommend buying it. It increases knowledge

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Guide: When buying rice, there are no “2 words” on the rice bag. The owner of the grain and oil store does not recommend buying it. It will increase your knowledge!

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards and quality of life have been improved to a certain extent, and now people only need a little money in their pockets If you do this, you can go directly to the market to buy what you want, whether it is food, drink, use, play, clothing, etc., you can go directly to the market to buy it.

Like the rice we shared with you today, I believe everyone It is relatively common in life, and we can also buy it directly in the market. Usually, rice can be said to be the most important staple food in our daily life. Friends in many regions basically rely on rice As the staple food, we can directly use rice to make steamed rice, porridge, or other staple foods, etc., which are very nutritious, delicious, and filling.

However, society is developing progressively, so we usually When going to the market to buy these rice, if. If you see these two words on the rice bag, it is basically fake rice or rice with very poor quality. I don’t recommend you to buy and eat it. If you don’t know the two words on the rice bag What does it refer to, today, let’s understand with the editor, don’t buy some low-quality rice, it’s not good for your body, and it’s not worth the money, it’s a waste of money.

The first word refers to the fact that everyone is buying When it comes to rice, check to see if there are words such as the first grade of quality on the packaging bag. If there is, it means that such rice is of very good quality and high-quality rice, and its taste and nutritional value are very rich. It is also the most suitable rice for us to buy and use, so everyone must pay attention to this quality level.

The second word refers to the execution specification number, which is generally It is GB/T1354. This kind of rice is basically high-quality rice, and its quality inspection is also very strict. Therefore, it is basically similar rice. You must see clearly when buying. Carry out the specification number and its quality level and never buy the wrong one.

Of course, when you buy rice, you also need Learn how to buy rice correctly, because many friends, maybe not only because many friends may buy rice after seeing these two words after seeing these two words, and then consciously buy it home Well, actually we are buying riceWhen buying rice, you need to learn these three methods and techniques for buying rice, let’s understand it together.

The first one is when everyone buys rice, Be sure to check the transparency of the rice. The transparency of high-quality rice is very high, that is, it looks shiny, and you can usually see it directly. If it is inferior rice, its glossiness is very high, and its transparency is Very low and looks whitish in color.

Second, when you buy rice, you can check Check whether the rice grains are uniform and uniform. Generally speaking, high-quality rice has a relatively uniform appearance, and the size and length are similar, and there will be no broken rice. Therefore, everyone is can be seen.

The third is when buying rice, You can smell the rice directly. High-quality rice usually has a very strong rice fragrance. We usually only need to smell it to smell it. If there is no smell, or There is a very strange taste, that is, some old rice that has been stored for a long time. This old rice may have been stored for many years, so don’t buy it to eat.

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