Prostatitis, recurrent and difficult to heal, cure with “Dahuang Mochong Pill”, both tonifying and reducing, to regain new life

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As the saying goes: rhubarb has no merit in saving people, and ginseng has no fault in killing people. But a good doctor treats a disease, either tonify or relieve, and must not only use tonic according to human feelings. When supplementing, it must be replenished, and when it is purging, it must be purged.

For example, if the disease is real, if you can’t get rid of the pathogenic stagnation without purging, then purging can save you people. But purging can hurt the body, so it needs to be stopped when the disease is in the middle of the disease, and it cannot be abused. Purging can dispel excess. If there is a disease, the disease should be taken;

Jia, 36 years old. The main complaint was dull pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen, and the pain in the scrotum and inner thigh was repeated for 1 year, and the symptoms aggravated in the past 1 month.

It is learned that the patient has less bad habits, and after marriage, he often endures ejaculation and delays ejaculation. One year Before, I felt dull pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort in the scrotum and inner thigh, and obvious fatigue. It was diagnosed as chronic prostatitis in another hospital. After treatment, the symptoms were not relieved obviously.

Engrave: lower abdomen, scrotum and inner thigh pain intensified, frequent urination, nocturia 3 to 4 times, backache and abdominal distension, perineal swelling and discomfort, mental fatigue, and apathy.

Physical examination showed 16 ml of testis, and the left varicocele was tortuous and exposed in a lump , Dry skin on the scrotum and thighs, dark red tongue with little coating and thready pulse.

Western medicine diagnosed as chronic prostatitis, left varicocele. Traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses essence turbidity, and the syndrome belongs to kidney deficiency and blood stasis, and the treatment should strengthen the kidney, activate blood and remove blood stasis.

Four diagnostic methods combined with ginseng, the proposed prescription rhubarb and insect pill addition and subtraction: cooked rhubarb, soft-shelled turtle , leech, peach kernel, almond, rehmannia, skullcap, white peony root, licorice, dogwood, achyranthes

Follow-up consultation: After taking 14 doses of medicine, the patient complained that the discomfort in the lower abdomen, scrotum and inner thighs was significantly relieved, the fatigue disappeared, and the married life was harmonious. Reexamination of the prostatic fluid examination showed normal white blood cells, lecithin bodies (+++), and normal urine routine. Advise it to continue to take 7 doses to deal with the aftermath.

The patient in this case had repeated prostatitis, low abdomen, Inner thigh pain, perineal stagnation and discomfort, tongue and pulse symptoms are caused by stasis and heat in the interior; backache, abnormal urination, etc. are manifestations of kidney deficiency; in addition, mild varicocele, blood stasis symptoms are even worse .

Although the patient has been treated for many times, the effect is not obvious, resulting in a prolonged course of disease and blood stasis The crux of the matter is inside, so Dahuang Dianchong Pill is modified and modified, and its method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, nourishing yin and dredging collaterals is used, so as to break blood stasis, promote regeneration, slow the middle and tonify deficiency.

Fangzhong rhubarb, ground turtle, Leeches remove blood stasis and clear collaterals; rehmannia root and white peony nourish yin and blood; almonds and peach kernels moisten intestines and remove blood stasis; scutellaria baicalensis clears upper burns and deficiency heat; p>

The compatibility of various medicines, according to what Dayou said in Jingzhi: “Moisturize the dry, Insects move the blood stasis and pass through to get rid of the effect. Therefore, prostatitis can get a good effect by using this prescription.