Don’t be soft-hearted when you encounter winter jujube in winter, buy more and stock up, beauty and delicious

Don’t be soft-hearted when you encounter winter jujube in winter, buy more and stock up, it will be beautiful and delicious

As the saying goes, “When the jujube is ripe, the autumn is already old, which is exactly the beauty of this fruit, and the winter jujube is the king of all fruits. It is deeply loved by people. It is well known that seasonal fruits contain high nutritional value, so people will choose to eat winter jujube in early winter. A small winter jujube contains very high nutritional value. One of the biggest features is the high content of vitamin C. It is dozens of times that of apple, the king of fruits. Hawthorn, which was considered rich in vitamin C in the past, is also willing to bow down. Vitamin C is recognized as a powerful antioxidant, and it is also recognized as the best weapon for anti-aging. At the same time, vitamin C can also restore melanin and inhibit the production of melanin to improve skin color. It is often used in clinical whitening treatment, so in early winter let us Start eating winter jujube and stick to it for the first half month, and you will start to notice that your appearance is getting better and better! A beautiful face awaits us in the new year.

p> Zhanhua County, Shandong Province, the hometown of China’s winter jujube, is also the place with the largest and most concentrated planting area of ​​winter jujube so far. Zhanhua’s special geological and climatic conditions have bred the famous rare and rare fruit-Zhanhua winter jujube, which has become a nationally famous fruit. At the same time, Zhanhua Dongzao Eco-tourism Scenic Spot was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction and the most beautiful and best sports and leisure resort in China. Zhanhua Dongzao, which is well-known in this small county, has the effect of elixir. In fact, Dongzao has a long history. According to historical records, Qin Shihuang arranged for Xu Fu to go from Xianyang to Penglai to find the fairy fruit of immortality. This winter jujube. It can be seen from this that the effect of this fairy fruit is not fiction but reality. What are you waiting for, eat Chudongdongzao and experience the extraordinary power of this fairy fruit.

According to the professor of medicine, winter jujube also has the magical effect of preventing cancer, because there is a magical substance in winter jujube – cyclic adenosine monophosphate. The content of cAMP in winter jujube is not only much higher than that of other plants, but also Much higher than other jujubes, and the metabolism of cAMP affects more than 40 high-incidence diseases, and adenosine phosphate can effectively reduce the damage of chemical substances to liver function, and adjust the corresponding ratio of albumin and globin. Clinically, Dongzao can also be used as an adjuvant treatment for chronic hepatitis and early liver infarction. Not only that, cyclic adenosine monophosphate can also regulate the human immune system and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, in this cold winter, we eat Zhanhua Dongzao together, let it heal our souls, and keep our bodies and minds healthy , Let our face be different and radiant.