If kidney disease wants to heal quickly, avoid these 5 misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: Some patients with kidney disease dare not eat meat and become vegetarians for a long time. This is wrong.

If your kidney function is normal and there are no special circumstances, you can eat a normal protein diet.

Misunderstanding 2: It is wrong to think that there are too many protein leaks and more protein needs to be added.

If there is a lot of protein leakage, the excessively supplemented protein will not only be unable to be transformed and utilized by the body, but will also increase the burden on the kidneys.

Misunderstanding 3: If you have kidney disease, drink plenty of water to help detoxify.

If you already have edema, if you drink more water, you may develop heart failure. The more water you drink, the better.

Misunderstanding 4: If you have edema, drink less water.

It is right to reduce water intake appropriately, but sometimes we will see some extreme patients with only 200-300 ml of water intake per day, As a result, prerenal acute renal failure occurred, so drinking too little water would not work.

Misunderstanding 5: If you have kidney disease, you dare not eat soy products.

Among soy products, especially soy products, the amino acids contained in them are very similar to those in the human body, and they are also high-quality proteins.

Except for some special circumstances, kidney disease patients can generally eat soy products, as long as the intake is well controlled. # Everyone pays attention to kidney health#

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