Doctor: These 6 kinds of “self-contained” progesterone foods are often eaten by women to nourish ovaries and look younger


【Why does progesterone On the low side? 】

1. There is a problem with the endocrine system, such as low endocrine function in women, which can lead to progesterone production and regulation disorders, resulting in female body Low progesterone is the most common cause.

2. Abnormalities in liver function such as hyperfunction of the liver, because after progesterone is produced in the body, it will eventually It is inactivated by the liver and then excreted through the kidneys. If a woman’s liver function is abnormal or the liver function is hyperactive, the inactivation effect on progesterone will be strengthened, resulting in excessive inactivation of progesterone produced by the liver, and low progesterone in the body will occur.

3. Production of progesterone Insufficient, such as malnutrition in women. The production of progesterone requires certain substances, such as protein and amino acids. If the lack of these substances can also lead to a decrease in the synthesis of progesterone, low progesterone levels will occur.

【Female progesterone deficiency will cause the following symptoms】

1. Insufficient progesterone function will affect sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, dreaminess and other symptoms.

2. Insufficient progesterone function may also cause memory loss. Many women have symptoms of memory loss after childbirth. Most of them are caused by less progesterone secretion and should be replenished in time.

3. Due to corpus luteum Ketones can promote women to maintain a healthy state of mind, so insufficient progesterone can affect the patient’s skin, resulting in a sallow complexion.

4. If a woman has insufficient progesterone for a long time, it will also affect fertility, and in severe cases will cause infertility childbirth, and even lead to miscarriage.

【 What to check for progesterone? 】

Progesterone, also known as progesterone, is a progesterone secreted by the ovary, which can protect the endometrium of women and can be checked by serum progesterone , Sex hormone six checks and other methods to check, can also be used to assist in judging progesterone secretion through basal body temperature measurement.

1. Serum progesterone test: venous blood for serum progesterone test, which is commonly used in clinical practice The inspection method, which is not affected by menstrual cramps, can also check the progesterone content through serum during pregnancy to monitor the health of the fetus.

If the blood progesterone level in the body is >15.9nmol/L, it indicates the possibility of ovulation; if during pregnancy, the corpus luteum Ketone > 78nmol/L, ectopic pregnancy can be basically ruled out; the risk of early miscarriage and placental function can also be judged through progesterone examination;

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2. Six sex hormone checks: usually when menstrual cramps come on for 4-5 days, blood can be drawn venously for six sex hormone checks. This period is the follicular phase. The luteal phase function can be judged by the progesterone level. If it is significantly lower than the reference value, it indicates that there may be luteal phase insufficiency;

< span>3. Measurement of basal body temperature: The measurement of basal body temperature can assist in judging the function of the luteal phase. If the monitored body temperature is biphasic, but the high temperature phase is less than 11 days, it indicates that the luteal phase is insufficient and the progesterone level may be low.

[Doctor: These 6 kinds of foods that “contain” progesterone, women often eat, nourish ovaries and look younger]

——Black beans

< span>Black beans are rich in isoflavones. Isoflavones are also known as “plant progesterone”. Regular consumption has a positive effect on the skin and physiology. It can make the skin rosy and help reduce gynecological diseases. risk.

Black soybean skin contains a substance called “anthocyanin”, which is very good Antioxidants can remove free radicals in the body and help delay the aging of women’s skin.

Black beans are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is an indispensable vitamin for beauty. If you want to maintain Young and energetic, eating some black beans every day is more helpful in delaying aging.

— ——Mulberry

Mulberry is the “food for nourishing yin and blood, black eyes, nourishing liver and kidney” “Master” is also one of the most popular fruits among women. First, let’s look at the nutritional content of mulberry.

The “flavonoids”, “selenium”, “β-carrot” and other substances contained in mulberry, First, it can make the skin tender and smooth, and second, it can increase the immunity of the human body.

Mulberry is rich in iron and vitamin C, which is beneficial to the hematopoietic function of red blood cells and helps to replenish blood . Anthocyanins contained in mulberries help improve skin tone and keep skin firm.

— —Color peppers

Color peppers look bright in color, but they are actually very nutritious. Many people like to add colored peppers for decoration, which makes people more appetizing. Eating colored peppers in moderation can indeed bring many benefits to the body.

Cauliflower contains “luteolin” substance, which has the effect of “natural progesterone” Good reputation is a good helper for women’s maintenance, and it also helps to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body.

Color peppers are also rich in vitamin C and trace elements, which are good for whitening skin, promoting blood circulation, enhancing Immunity is good. Ultrasound has strong anti-oxidation ability, which is ideal for removing free radicals in the body, making your skin condition better and better.

——red Onions

Red onions also have a substance called “quercetin”, which It is a flavonoid alcohol substance, known as “natural progesterone”, quercetin and selenium contained in onions work together to eliminate free radicals in the body, enhance cell vitality and metabolism, and play an anti-aging role.

Cysteine ​​contained in red onion is an anti-aging substance that can delay cell aging, It has the effect of prolonging life, especially when you are sleepy, eating onions properly can help refresh your mind.

Allicin contained in onions can promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, and improve concentration. Friends who often use their brains can eat onions appropriately, which is helpful for improving brain flexibility.

— —Green tea

Green tea contains flavanols, called “catechins”, which are A “natural progesterone” that can scavenge free radicals, protect cell membranes, and delay skin aging.

Especially many female friends, often sit in front of the computer and work, the body will inevitably suffer from radiation, green tea contains Making sugar can resist radiation and prevent radiation from causing damage to the human body.

The caffeine contained in green tea can excite the central nervous system. Drinking tea can refresh the mind, relieve fatigue and relieve fatigue. The role of emotions, when you are upset and irritable, you can drink a few cups of green tea appropriately.


Spinach is rich in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants , help counteract and stabilize free radicals, help to inhibit free radical damage to healthy cells and tissues, and fight diseases.

The progesterone in the body of women is likely to decrease with age, so you can eat spinach appropriately, which contains The vitamin E and iron elements in it can achieve anti-oxidation effect, and also help to improve skin metabolism, and help to make the skin rosy and shiny.

Spinach is rich in iron, which is an indispensable substance for hemoglobin synthesis, which can improve women’s skin color and make The complexion of women is getting better and better. When eating spinach, be sure to blanch it in boiling water to reduce oxalic acid.

【 Side effects of progesterone]

Progesterone is a progestin, usually clinically used to treat threatened miscarriage or adjust menstrual cycle and share with estrogen of a drug. Side effects of progesterone include breakthrough vaginal bleeding, vaginal spotting, and weight gain after taking progesterone.

In addition, the squamocolumnar junction of the cervix changes, and at the same time, vaginal secretions increase and breast swelling may occur. Some people may experience nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, fever or insomnia after taking progesterone. Allergies can occur.

In addition, after taking progesterone, some people may experience skin pigmentation and macular-like changes, and some people will Abnormal liver function or obstructive jaundice.

Generally, for corpus luteum People who are allergic to ketones or other ingredients should not take it. In addition, people with unexplained vaginal bleeding, thrombophlebitis, vascular embolism, or previous history of thrombotic diseases such as stroke, severe liver and kidney damage, germ cell tumors, Or breast tumors and other conditions should be disabled.