Does drinking too much water burden the kidneys?

It is enough to fully meet our daily needs.

According to the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, in an environment that does not sweat a lot or has a suitable temperature, the total amount required by adults every day, men need 3000 ml, women need to reach 2700 ml, drinking plenty of water properly will not cause a great burden on our kidneys.

ButThe wrong way of drinking water can also cause some damage to the kidneys. The following three ways of drinking water should be avoided.

First, drink a lot of strong tea for a long time, 80% of kidney stones are calcium oxalate, so strong tea contains a lot of oxalic acid , Drinking strong tea can easily lead to excessive intake of oxalic acid, thereby increasing the chance of kidney stone formation.

Second, you have to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Once you feel thirsty, your brain will mistakenly think that your body has entered a state of extreme water shortage, so it will be Stimulating the brain to secrete the antidiuretic hormone in the hypothalamus will increase the ability of the glomerulus to absorb water, and the urine will burn, which will endanger the health of the kidneys.

The third point is to pay more attention. Many people are used to drinking beverages as water. This is absolutely not advisable. Drinks contain sugar and Some additives will really burden the kidneys, not only that, too much sugar intake can easily cause diabetes. Drinking this sweet drink in large quantities is very unhealthy.