“Scattering champion” has been found, not onion and fungus, insist on eating, nodules or “retire in spite of difficulties”

Introduction:With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s eating and living habits have also undergone earth-shaking changes Many people have a long-term greasy diet or irregular work and rest,lead to abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones, and eventually induce thyroid nodules.

Even though most thyroid nodules are benign, if left alone, It will also lead to the enlargement of the nodules and aggravate the condition, accompanied by problems such as dyspnea and swallowing, which will affect personal health. Thereforepay attention to protecting the thyroid gland in daily life.

With thyroid nodules, the body will have 3 symptoms

Often tired

If you usually feel very tired, get tired easily, feel that you don’t get enough sleep, and often doze off, etc., then you should Pay more attention,This may be caused by abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

Because when the thyroid is sick, if there are thyroid nodules, it will affect the daily life The daily life will also affect the quality of sleep, so it will make people feel tired and listless for a long time.

neck Partial edema

In the early stage of thyroid nodules, thyroid tissue will be accompanied by inflammation, if If the stasis remains in the neck for a long time,it will lead to poor circulation in the neck, which will stretch the tissues around the neck and make the neck edema.

If you find no edema in other parts, only neck edema, you need to Pay attention to whether it is a disease of thyroid nodules.

Weight gain

< p data-track="11">Thyroxine has a certain impact on human metabolism,When thyroid nodules destroy thyroid hormone secretion, it will cause patients Weight fluctuations, such as excessive secretion of thyroid hormone, the patient’s metabolism will also accelerate, there will be an increase in appetite, but weight loss.

If the thyroid gland secretes too little, the metabolism will slow down, which will lead to loss of appetite, but weight gain Performance.

If any of the above 3 symptoms appear in the body, you need to pay attention to it. Maybe there is a problem with the thyroid gland. It is recommended to have a checkup in time.

Can eating onions and fungus dissipate thyroid nodules? May wish to listen to what the doctor said


For people with thyroid nodules, they can eat onions appropriately.

Because onions have insecticidal, detoxifying, diuretic, expectorant, etc.It can provide vitamins and nutrients for the human body, butEating a lot of onions for a long time will easily disturb the normal function of the stomachThyroid patients can eat onions Play the role of dissipating nodules.


Auricularia, also known as wood fungus and light fungus, is known as the “king of vegetables”. The fungus is rich in nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and trace elements etc.,The nutrients it contains generally do not cause thyroid nodules to increase, nor will they cause the disease to aggravate.

“Scattering champion” has been found, insist on eating, nodules or “retreat”

【Onion】< /span>

For patients with thyroid nodules, they can eat onions in moderation, and onions have killing properties Insect, detoxification, diuretic, expectorant and other effects, but also provide rich vitamins and other nutrients for the human body.

However, if you eat a lot of onions, it will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction,Patients with thyroid nodules can eat onions, but they cannot dissipate the nodules.


Cucumber is a common food on the table. It can not only be made into dishes, but also eaten raw, and the taste is very good.

Cucumber not only has high nutritional value, but also has The effect of softening firmness and dispelling stagnation, patients with thyroid nodules who often eat cucumber can make the nodules gradually become smaller.


Loofah not only has high nutritional value, but also can protect the thyroid very well.

Loofah has the function ofreducing swelling and resolving stagnationInhibiting the growth of nodules, thyroid patients usually eat more loofah, which can relieve the pain caused by the disease and maintain thyroid function. Soaking water with loofah is also good for restoring thyroid function.


Eggplant is a common food in daily life. It is not only delicious, but also nutritious, rich in vitamins and various trace substances.

For some patients with thyroid nodules, usually eat some eggplant, It can promote blood circulation and disperse nodules, promote endocrine balance, protect thyroid health, and nodules will gradually shrink.

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