Do you know the “three-point poison” of hearing aids?

Because of various reasons, there are more and more people with hearing loss, and a large part of them cannot be cured. The best way is to wear Hearing aids to improve hearing.

We have all heard the saying “One part of medicine is three parts of poison“: One part of poison is blind, no medical treatment , Based on the past, check online, and listen to whoever said; Two-point poison is no dose, one more pill, one less pill, children will be halved; Three-point poison depends on the effect, One is “let it go when it’s good”, and the other is “stop it if it doesn’t work”.

In fact, hearing aids are also poisonous!

One ​​point of poison: no test, no fitting, no maintenance, listen to whoever says it.

Double poison: the most expensive is the best, the elderly don’t need to be so expensive, “he wears it well, I’ll wear the same model as him”.

Three points of poison: two ears are not good, and one can hear.

So we now know the three-point poison of hearing aids, how can we avoid this three-point poison?

Detoxification 1: Choose a professional institution to test and fit hearing aids, which is more secure after sale.

Hearing aids belong to the second category of medical devices. It must be adjusted by a professional fitter before it can exert its real effect.

Know that everyone’s hearing loss is different, so it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive hearing test first, then accurately select and adjust hearing aids according to the hearing curve, and finally It is also necessary to conduct an effect evaluation to confirm the hearing aid effect of the hearing aid. After the hearing aid is equipped, it is necessary to go to the store every three months for professional maintenance; when the hearing fluctuates, it is necessary to retest the hearing and readjust the hearing aid.

Because the after-sales of hearing aids is very important, it is related to the use effect and service life of hearing aids, so It is recommended to choose the nearest or convenient offline fitting center as much as possible!

Generally, in a well-known national chain fitting center, the fitter will be more professional, the fitting process will be more standardized, and the after-sales service will be more secure , and after-sales are free for life.

Detoxification 2: It is good to match the power and performance with your own needs.

Everyone’s hearing is different, the use environment is different, and the need for hearing compensation is also different, so Hearing aids need to be specially equipped by a special person, choose the one that suits you, Instead of choosing what others wear well.

Different hearing aids have different performance, and the wearing effect will naturally be different, so others use them well Yes, it doesn’t mean that it can be used well by another person. Hearing aid power, performance, and even appearance all need to be selected according to your own situation under the guidance of a professional fitter. In this way, you can choose a hearing aid with good effect and clear hearing without wasting money.

Detoxification 3: hearing loss in both ears, try to use hearing aids for both ears.

Binaural hearing loss, single ear matching will lead to hearing imbalance, the sound source cannot be located, and many functions of the hearing aid will not be able to function. If it is due to economic reasons, It is better to choose two hearing aids with a slightly lower price than a single hearing aid with a slightly higher price, unless another hearing aid will be replaced within half a year Match it, or have binaural contraindications, not suitable for binaural wear.

The reason why I would like to share with you today the reason why hearing aids are three-point poisonous is because I usually work , Too many users have come into contact with detours. On the one hand, it caused unnecessary economic losses; on the other hand, it also caused some users to misunderstand hearing aids, lose confidence in wearing hearing aids, and delay hearing rehabilitation ; There are even some mismatched or “fake hearing aid” simulators, which can lead to worse hearing.

I hope that through my sharing, everyone can learn more about hearing aids and avoid detours.

I am Zhang Yanyan, an audiologist. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of hearing rehabilitation guidance and hearing aid fitting. If you want to know more about hearing aids Knowledge, where there are reliable hearing institutions and opticians, welcome to ask me in the message area or private message.