Sufficient kidney essence, free from all diseases, 5 Chinese patent medicines, nourish the liver and kidney, regulate yin and yang, add essence and marrow, and relieve premature aging

Hi everyone, I am Dr. ShenTraditional Chinese medicine believes that only when the yin and yang of the human body are in harmony and the essence and blood are filled can the body be strong and live a long life. Once the yin and yang in our body are out of balance, Insufficient essence and blood will lead to the decline of visceral functions, premature aging, decreased resistance, and easy to get sick.

For example, urinating frequently, Urinary urgency, nocturnal urination, insomnia and dreaminess, memory loss, premature graying of hair, loose teeth, weakened body resistance, body aches and weakness, difficulty walking and bending, even infertility Wait, but kidney stores essence, liver stores blood, whether the essence and blood are sufficient has a lot to do with the liver and kidney, so today I will share with you 4 Chinese patent medicines ,Regulate and nourish yin and yang, nourish liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood.

The first one, Cynomorium Gujing Pill, mainly composed of Cynomorium, Yam, Achyranthes bidentata, Longgu, Oyster, Eucommia and other 24 herbal ingredients, Main function of warming kidney and strengthening essence It is suitable for symptoms such as weakness of the waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, listlessness, insomnia, dreaminess, and loss of desire caused by kidney yin and yang deficiency and insufficient kidney essence.


Second, ginseng tonifying kidney tablets , mainly composed of astragalus, Eucommia, red ginseng, cistanche, schisandra, cinnamon and other 48 herbs. Main functions of nourishing kidney and yang, nourishing qi and blood, Treat symptoms such as mental fatigue, fatigue, waist and knee pain, frequent urination, insomnia, dreaminess, and loss of desire due to deficiency of both yin and yang.

The third, anti-aging and longevity pill< /strong>, mainly composed of ginseng, medlar, dogwood, rehmannia glutinosa, schisandra and other 59 medicinal materials. The main effect is nourishing yin and yang, nourishing kidney and strengthening the foundation, applicable Deficiency of both yin and yang, qi and blood causes fatigue, fear of cold, cold extremities, forgetfulness, insomnia, heart distress, hot hands and feet, dizziness, weakness of the waist and knees, nocturia, frequent urination and other symptoms.

The fourth one is Qiju Dihuang Wan , mainly composed of wine cornus, yam, rehmannia glutinosa, Alisma, poria cocos, wolfberry and other 8 medicinal materials. Main functions of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and producing essence, suitable for symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, waist pain, weak legs, and limb weakness caused by liver and kidney deficiency.


Fifth, ginseng trillium tablets< /strong>, mainly composed of schisandra, earthworm, medlar, fleece-flower root, epimedium, pilose antler, dodder and other 23 herbs. The main effect is nourishing yin and yang, nourishing qi and blood, suitable for symptoms such as liver and kidney deficiency, back pain, weakness of limbs, and emaciation caused by insufficient essence and blood.

The above are 5 Chinese patent medicines that regulate yin and yang, nourish liver and kidney, However, it should be noted that how to take the medicine should be determined according to the individual situation, so it is recommended to adjust the medicine according to the doctor’s advice after the doctor’s syndrome differentiation.