All diseases start from the cold, 6 Chinese patent medicines, tonify the five internal organs, drive away frequent urination, fear of cold, diarrhea, low back and leg pain

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shen, “Everything is born from Yang, and all diseases are born from cold”, the same is true in the human body, Yang Qi is sufficient, the internal organs, limbs and bones are nourished, and the wind, cold and dampness cannot invade, so the body is healthy. If the Yang Qi is insufficient and the cold evil invades, it will cause various diseases. Today we will talk about the loss of Yang Qi Share 6 symptomatic Chinese patent medicines to supplement Yang Qi.

1. Limb hair Cold, sore waist and knees, stiff and deformed knee joints, the kidney is the home of the waist, if the kidney yang is deficient, it will not be able to nourish and protect the waist and knee joints, resulting in the invasion of wind, cold and dampness, and the flow of qi and blood will be blocked , then we will have waist pain and weakness, legs are weak and cold, knee joints are cold and painful, afraid of wind and cold, stiff and deformed, and even unable to walk, and these symptoms will be obviously aggravated when the weather turns cold.For this, please refer to Zhuanggu Wan to invigorate the kidney and yang, strengthen the bones and muscles.

2. Frequent urination, Urinary urgency, nocturnal polyuria, the kidneys open to the two yin and are in charge of the two stools, if the kidney yang is deficient, then there will be problems with the excretion of the two stools, prone to frequent urination, urgency, and increased nocturia at night , and less urine volume , please refer to Shuoquan Pills to nourish the kidney and reduce urination.

3 listlessness, dizziness, Cough and sputum, stuffy nose, spontaneous sweating, lack of lung yang, lung qi cannot be ventilated, unable to resist external evils, leading to invasion of cold evils, dizziness, coughing and expectoration, stuffy nose, spontaneous For sweating and other conditions, For this, please refer to Xiaoqinglong Granules Yiqi Gushou Antiperspirant.

4. Edema, the kidney governs both stools and deficient kidney yang, so it cannot control the bladder to discharge water, causing the water to stop gathering in the body. When the water permeates the skin, it is prone to edema, and some people appear on the face Some people appear in the limbs, arms, legs, and even ankles, etc., in short, press a hole, For this, please refer to Jisheng Shenqi Pills for warming the kidney and promoting water.

5. Feel flustered, Chest tightness, heart tingling, heart yang deficiency, yang qi cannot warm the heart vessels, the blood flow will slow down, resulting in blockage of blood stasisBlood vessels, so there will be palpitations, uncontrolled heartbeats, shortness of breath, and even tingling pain in the heart and mouth. For this, please refer to Shenfu Qiangxin Pills to nourish qi, help yang, and activate blood.

< span>6. Abdominal pain, unshaped stool, diarrhea, can not eat cold drinks, if the spleen yang deficiency, the digestive function of the spleen is weakened, and at the same time, the spleen and stomach cannot get the warmth of yang energy, and abdominal distension will easily occur , cold pain in the abdomen, do not eat cold drinks, otherwise the pain will aggravate, and the stool will not form, or diarrhea, For this, please refer to Fuzi Lizhong Pills to warm the middle and dispel cold.

The above is the content shared today, we See you next time!