Do you have 5 signs of “kidney overdraft”? If it occupies more than 3 items, or it is time to restrain

The kidney is not an organ with strong self-healing ability. It has to participate in metabolism and purification of the body every day, and the work is very busy. leading to further impairment of renal function.

Many people find that their kidneys are not good, and they have already reached the middle and late stage when they are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and some people Once it is discovered, it is kidney failure. This is because when early kidney disease occurs, the symptoms that appear in the body are easily ignored as common symptoms.

If the kidneys are overdrawn, the body will send out some signals, and these changes in the body can also be captured and can be Help us detect kidney disease in the early stage.

kidney People with stronger functions will have the following manifestations

skin luster

The kidney function is strong, the metabolic waste in the body can be discharged in time, and the skin will also be shiny. If you find that the skin is dull and the eye sockets are black, it may be a reminder of the kidney disease. Functionality is impaired.

Normal color and volume of urine

The kidney is the organ responsible for metabolizing water in the body. If the kidney function is normal, the daily urine output is about 1~2 liters. The color of the urine is clear and light yellow. When drinking less water, the color of the urine will deepen slightly, but it is still clear. If the urine is found to be foamy and cloudy, it may be due to abnormal kidney function.


< p data-track="10">People with strong kidney function will maintain a healthy internal environment, and the whole person will be in a relaxed state and feel energetic.

Early The body is not swollen

When the kidney function is abnormal, it will cause problems in the water metabolism in the body , the water in the body will accumulate in all parts of the body, causing edema. If you find that the body is swollen, it will be difficult to disappear for a long time, so be vigilant.

Do you have the 5 signs of “kidney overdraft”? If there are more than 3 items, or it is time to be restrained

Physical fatigue

After kidney overdraft, the garbage and toxins in the body cannot be discharged in time, so you will feel weak and listless, and it will also cause protein and other nutrients to leak from the kidneys out, and then excreted from the body in the form of urine. If you find that you are weak all over, you should pay attention to it and go to the hospital for a corresponding examination as soon as possible.

Abnormal urine

If the kidneys are diseased, there will be problems with urine. If the kidneys are overdrawn, then there will be problems with foamy urine, because there is a lot of protein in the urine.

Normal situation Next, the urine is clear and transparent, and there is a little comfort. If you find that the urine has a sour, putrid, or other odor, as well as darkening of the urine, turbidity and other problems, it may be that there is a disease in the kidney.

Back pain

The kidneys are located in the human body For the waist, if the kidneys are overdrawn, there will be back pain. If there is no trauma, if you often feel back pain, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.


Kidneys can filter water and help expel toxins. If the kidneys are overdrawn, the water in the body cannot be discharged in time, resulting in a large amount of water accumulation in the body and causing body edema.

Lower extremity edema and facial edema are the most common. The edema of this part may be caused by kidney disease, so attention should be paid to it.

Severe hair loss

Severe hair loss

Men will experience hair loss after a certain age, and the serious damage has something to do with the kidneys. If the kidneys are overdrawn, it may cause baldness in men. You might as well eat more foods that are good for kidney health in your life to improve hair loss.

So, what should you do if you want to nourish your kidneys?

Walk on tiptoe for 10 minutes

Walking on tiptoes for 10 minutes a day can protect the kidneys and have the effect of maintaining the kidneys. Because there are many acupoints on the feet, walking on tiptoes can stimulate the foot shaoyin and help nourish the kidneys. But for older and weak people, it is not suitable to do this, because accidents are prone to occur.

to Food protects the kidney

Research shows that citrus can protect the kidneys, but it is not suitable for people with uremia People with diabetes, because citrus fruits contain more potassium, and patients with uremia have a reduced filtration capacity, which will have an adverse effect on the excretion of potassium, and it is easy to make the potassium in the body too high.

Multiple massage

< p data-track="32">Before going to bed at night or after getting up in the morning, often massage the Shenshu, Yaoyan and Mingmen points on the waist, which can dredge the meridians, achieve the effect of nourishing the kidneys, and Can improve the discomfort of the waist.