Soaking feet is also important! Soaking feet in hot water every day, is it health preservation or “life reduction”?

Everyone likes to soak their feet, and it also has a wide inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine foot therapy culture. The former can achieve the purpose of health care. When some people soak their feet, they can Adding some safflower or wormwood to the foot water is also a good way to maintain the body.

However, in recent years, many people have expressed their opinions on whether soaking feet in hot water is healthy or harmful. Some people think that soaking feet is “healthy Some people regard foot bathing as a “scourge of disease”, especially for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, if you do not pay attention to foot bathing, it will bring high danger.

So is foot bathing good for health or reducing life? Now let’s learn this together.


How much do you know about soaking your feet?

People now know how to enjoy themselves, in order to let themselves have a good sleep at night, I often choose to soak my feet comfortably for a period of time before going to bed at night. This will not only relieve fatigue, but also make the body warm. This idea is wrong.

Appropriate foot bathing, temperature and time can have a good effect on the body, but it may also reach For the effect of prolonging life, the correct way to soak feet in winter is to keep the water temperature not too high, generally 42°C to 43°C. 15-20 minutes is the best.

Soak feet If you feel a little sweating from time to time, you should not sweat profusely. If you soak your feet for too long, the blood in the whole body will concentrate to the ankles, which will easily cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will affect sleep. The feet will accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and feel dizzy.

Experts pointed out that you should avoid soaking your feet on an empty stomach and immediately after meals. To avoid direct wind blowing, people with infectious diseases during the febrile period, various infectious diseases, severe bleeding tendencies, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, extreme fatigue, drunkenness, local skin infections, damaged people and children are not suitable for soaking feet.


Foot soaking is also important! Soaking feet in hot water every day, is it health preservation or “life reduction”?

Foot Soak

1. Improve sleep quality: If you want to maintain health, you must develop good living habits. Sleep quality. Nowadays, people are working hard and under great pressure. They can choose a good way to relieve stress and keep the body relaxed, so that they can sleep soundly at night, sleep soundly, refresh their spirits, and improve their resistance.

At the same time delaying the aging of the body, soaking your feet is a good choice, and you will feel very comfortable during the process of soaking your feet Comfortable and can effectively relax the body.

2. Improve blood circulation: Soaking feet can improve the blood circulation of the body. Sedentary office workers will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs and slow down the circulation speed. The blood cannot flow to the required parts normally. It is easier to feel numb. Soaking your feet before going to bed can effectively improve circulation, provide blood and nutrients to the parts that need it in time, promote physical health, and relieve blood viscosity and circulation disorders.

3. Release stress: Nowadays, many people have health problems due to excessive stress, especially the increasing prevalence of mental illness, and they want to take good care of their bodies It is necessary to develop good habits. Properly soaking your feet every day can keep your body relaxed, and the quality of life will improve in a relaxed state.

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Disadvantages of soaking feet

1. The water temperature should not be too high: Many elderly people like to boil the water very hot for soaking their feet. Overheated water is easy to damage the skin, and on the other hand, it will speed up the blood circulation and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the water temperature should be kept at 38~43°C, not too high.

2. It is not advisable to soak your feet immediately after a meal: the stomach just starts to function after eating, and soaking your feet at this time is likely to cause indigestion and stomach discomfort. It is easy to cause spleen and stomach diseases or malnutrition. You should choose to soak your feet half an hour after meals to walk a little to help the stomach and intestines digest, and it can also reduce food accumulation and reduce the burden on the body.

3. It should not be too long: many people like to soak Playing with the mobile phone at the feet will exceed the time without knowing it. It is recommended not to soak your feet in hot water for too long, because soaking your feet for too long will affect the normal flow of blood, causing dizziness, chest tightness, and palpitation. The appropriate time is to keep it at 15 minutes Within the time limit, the purpose of soaking feet for health preservation can be achieved, and the disadvantages of soaking feet can be avoided.

4. Not everyone is suitable for soaking feet: people with arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, fungal infections of feet and severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases For patients, soaking feet in hot water is not strong enough, which can easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart. It is also a sudden disease, which seriously threatens life safety. If you want to soak your feet, you can simply soak them in warm water for 5 minutes. Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort.


Extension–Why foot soaking can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems?

When soaking the feet, the water temperature is high and the soaking time is too long, resulting in excessive blood vessels in the feet The expansion of blood supply to the brain will be affected, and even accidental cerebrovascular death will occur. Soaking feet in hot water is inherited from traditional Chinese medicine. effect.

However, patients with hypertension and heart disease need to be cautious when soaking their feet. Some patients who do not understand their physical conditions, when soaking their feet due to high water temperature and too long soaking time, cause excessive expansion of blood vessels in their feet, affect blood supply to the brain, and finally have a cerebrovascular accident.

People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the water temperature should not be too high when soaking feet, generally controlled at The temperature should be around 40°C. After soaking feet in hot water, the blood vessels in the human body will expand rapidly, and the blood in the whole body will flow from the important organs to the body surface. Therefore, it is easy to cause ischemia and oxygen deficiency in the heart, brain and other important organs.

When soaking feet, the whole body’s Qi and blood gradually warm up, and the position of the shoulders and back of the person is particularly easy Sweating, so avoid getting cold due to a lot of sweating, pay attention to rest, diet, and regular physical examination.