Do you get bad breath as you get older? Reminder: always bad breath, or a precursor to these diseases

Have you ever encountered such a very embarrassing moment? It doesn’t matter whether the appearance is beautiful or ugly, when talking to others, when a mouth is opened, a stench hits him, and there is no desire to continue the conversation in an instant. For people with bad breath, when they talk to others and see their disgusting eyes, they just want to find a crack to get in! For this reason, they didn’t dare to chat with their favorite male gods and goddesses, and what was even more annoyed was that many people couldn’t smell it themselves.

It is worth mentioning that when talking about bad breath, many people unconsciously think of some middle-aged and elderly people. Are people prone to bad breath when they get old? From some perspectives, with the continuous growth of age, the blood circulation of the body gradually slows down, which is easy to cause the elderly to suffer from dry mouth and bad breath. This has caused many elderly people to feel very troubled and even affected them. normal social interaction.

However, bad breath is a common symptom, not only in some elderly people, but also in some children. However, the existence of pathological halitosis suggests that there are certain diseases in the body, especially when the elderly have obvious halitosis without obvious oral causes, it is likely to be caused by systemic diseases.


Reminder: always Bad breath, or a precursor to these diseases

(1) Oral problems

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1. Improper brushing, foreign body residues or not properly cleaned;

2. Suffering from oral teeth Peripheral diseases such as gingivitis or infection, etc. In addition, wisdom teeth are more likely to cause dental problems than other teeth due to their rear position, difficult cleaning and poor growth.

(2) Gastrointestinal problems

1 .Indigestion, eating too much before going to bed or lying down for half an hour after eating, may lead to indigestion, which may lead to bad breath and other problems;

2. Helicobacter pylori infection, which can cause a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastritis or gastric ulcers, which can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction and bad breath.

(3) Other diseases

The oral cavity has a bad smell for a long time It may also be caused by liver and gallbladder diseases, diabetes, constipation, etc. It is recommended to go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time and actively receive treatment.


To get rid of bad breath, The cause must be dealt with!

First, remove the bad restorations that have been damaged, do not fit, and have traumatic stimulation;

Second, active treatment of oral mucosal diseases can also remove useless residual roots and crowns;

Third, in terms of oral hygiene maintenance, it is necessary to improve self-plaque control ability, use improved bass brushing method, insist on using tools such as dental floss and interdental brush, remove food residues in the mouth, and slow down caries and calculus. Form, which helps to maintain a good mouth odor.

In addition, it is necessary to find the cause of systemic diseases in time and treat them. Only in this way can the problem of bad breath be completely improved. It should be reminded that if you are deeply troubled by bad breath, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time. , fully understand the cause of bad breath, and treat it quickly and effectively to solve the problem.

Tips: To keep bad breath away To maintain oral hygiene, eat less spicy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, sometimes bad breath is a manifestation of some diseases, and always pay attention to your own health problems, especially the elderly.