Do these three things well, and you can easily raise acne-free skin

We all like smooth and delicate skin. If a few pimples grow on our face, it will instantly reduce our appearance and become a stumbling block on our way to beauty, so let’s come together today Find out if you want to develop acne-free skin, you need to do the following three points

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I. Adjusting eating habits

Diet We must pay attention to eating less sweets and milk, fried and barbecued foods, these will stimulate oil secretion, clog our pores, and cause acne.

You can choose soy milk instead. Milk (do not add too much sugar), eat more fruits rich in vitamin C (such as kiwi, strawberry, lemon, orange, etc.)

Second, living habits

1. Change bedding once a week

2. Use disposable face towels instead of towels

3. Adhere to exercise (such as running, skipping rope, swimming, etc.)

4. Go to bed before eleven o’clock in the evening, try not to stay up late

5. Keep a good mood

6. Drink enough water every day

Good living habits can reduce the growth of bacteria and also Boost metabolism

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Third, skin care should be focused

Use mild amino acid facial cleanser as much as possible for face wash, which is mild and non-irritating, and is very harmful to our skin. It is more friendly, and the second is to do a good job in moisturizing and moisturizing, so that our skin is in a state of water and oil balance

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Babies do these three points in their daily life, which can make us better Get rid of acne problems