Sick in the body, prophet in the mouth! These 3 different smells of bad breath represent different problems in the body

In our daily life and work, we are all unavoidable to communicate with other people. At this time, if we have bad breath, it is really embarrassing that our toes can go out of two rooms and one living room, and it will also be in the hearts of others. leave a bad impression.

However, as for the cause of bad breath, most people’s first reaction is oral problems It’s like getting up in the morning without brushing your teeth, eating heavy-tasting food left in your mouth, or not paying attention to oral hygiene… But in fact, not all bad breath is related to the above factors, and it may also be a problem with the digestive tract.

Why is bad breath related to the gastrointestinal tract?

There is a stable flora environment in the intestinal tract, and beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria balance each other. As the number of beneficial bacteria declines, a large number of spoilage bacteria take the opportunity to multiply, resulting in problems such as loss of appetite, anorexia or picky eaters, and bad breath may occur in severe cases.

Clinical studies have shown that many halitosis After the intestinal function changes, the spoiled smell of food flows upward into the mouth, resulting in bad breath. Therefore, people who are troubled by bad breath should actively cure gastrointestinal diseases, protect the stomach, and supplement with probiotics if necessary; they should also stay away from foods with strong tastes, such as leeks, raw onions, garlic, and stinky tofu.

Halitosis with different flavors, which diseases indicate?

1. Sour odor

The sour odor in the mouth is probably human Gastrointestinal problems, especially possibly acid reflux. Due to the influence of certain factors, too much gastric acid is secreted, and the gastric acid refluxes into the mouth through the esophagus, and also corrodes the esophagus and oral mucosa, resulting in a sour bad breath. As long as the gastrointestinal disease is cured, the problem of bad breath will be solved.

2, fishy smell< /p>

The fishy smell in the mouth should be alert to sinusitis. Due to the inflammatory reaction in the sinuses, the nasal cavity produces too much secretions. The secretions that are not cleaned up in time will be slowly absorbed by bacteria Decompose, resulting in a fishy smell. It happens that the nasal cavity is connected to the oral cavity, and the fishy smell can drift into the oral cavity, thereby forming bad breath.

3, rancid odor

The rancid odor in the mouth and personal teeth It is common in patients with caries and periodontitis. It is difficult to clean the caries with a toothbrush. Over time, the bacteria in the mouth will accumulate more and more, and finally a rancid smell will be emitted.

How to get rid of bad breath?

1. Brush your teeth frequently

Brush your teeth at least once in the morning and at night, and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after meals . After each brushing, use dental floss to remove food residues in the crevices of teeth to prevent bacterial growth and maintain oral hygiene. Master the correct way of brushing teeth, brushing time should be more than three minutes, to ensure that every side of the teeth can be brushed.

2. Adjust your diet

Eat less or no spicy food, such as Peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, and onions, etc., refuse smoking and drinking. You should not eat a lot of fish and meat often, and you should have a light diet and a balanced nutritional intake every day.

3. Regular teeth cleaning< /p>

Generally, go to the hospital once every 6 to 12 months to clean your teeth, which can remove plaque and calculus, and effectively prevent dental caries and periodontal disease. At the same time, go to the hospital for a comprehensive oral examination every year to facilitate the early detection of oral diseases.

4. Symptomatic medication

If bad breath is caused by disease, symptomatic medication is also required. Such as liver disease, oral disease and gastrointestinal disease, etc., should be checked and treated as soon as possible to completely remove bad breath.

Message from the doctor

Although bad breath will not endanger us However, it really affects your personal image and the perception of others, so you must do a good job of oral hygiene on weekdays and develop the following good habits:

  • Stay away from foods that are high in sugar and too sticky to prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth and aggravating bad breath.
  • You can chew celery or peanuts more often to help clean your teeth; you can drink more green tea, black tea or Pu-erh tea, etc.Helps freshen breath.
  • Adjust your emotions on a daily basis and eliminate negative emotions such as tension, anxiety and depression in a timely manner.
  • Ensure regular sleep, refuse to stay up late, and exercise more to get rid of metabolic waste in the body.

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