The pain of insomnia is indescribable, what should I do?

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Many people have the experience of insomnia, and tomorrow’s work is enough I was tired, but I didn’t feel sleepy at all when I lay down. I finally fell asleep, but I always woke up in the middle of the night. When I woke up the next day, I only felt exhausted physically and mentally, and my head was dizzy.

Insomnia refers to frequent sleep loss, or difficulty falling asleep, or waking up easily after sleeping, waking up early, difficulty maintaining sleep, or even staying up all night A disease, known as “insomnia” and “not lying down” in ancient times.

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Causes of Insomnia

Think about it, when did you start losing sleep? As I grow older, and with the gradual increase in work and life pressure, it seems that all of a sudden, I have changed from not getting enough sleep to not being able to sleep.

When I want to talk about insomnia How to fall asleep quickly, we must first know what causes our insomnia, and we must avoid these factors as much as possible in our daily life.

01 Acute stress

Mainly include mental stress, recent depression, physical discomfort, jet lag, and changes in sleep environment. Learn to adjust the state of mind and body, relieve stress or adapt to changes in the environment.

02 Psychological Factors

Due to excessive sleep-defensive thinking, excessive worrying about difficulty falling asleep, leading to overthinking, agitation, or anxiety. Depressed and anxious feelings when you try to fall asleep or fall asleep again make you more awake and difficult to fall asleep.

03 Drug factors

Stimulant drugs, such as caffeine, theophylline, thyroxine, cocaine, hormones, and anti-Parkinsonian drugs, and alternative drugs that interfere with sleep, such as Epinephrine drugs.

Sedatives can Causes arousal – sleep rhythm disorders. If you are suffering from insomnia, please try to avoid taking medicines containing these ingredients; if you are taking medicines for other diseases, you can consult your doctor to choose a more reasonable medication plan.

04 Disease Status

Manic patients have less sleep or sleeplessness due to day and night excitement, while depression patients are prone to wake up early. Hyperthyroidism, premature aging, menopause, and chronic pain caused by various diseases can seriously affect the sleep time and quality of patients.

I just want to Emphasize a common misunderstanding. If many people feel that they can’t fall asleep, they should drink a glass or two before going to bed, especially a glass of red wine can quickly fall asleep, but the guide clearly points out: Don’t drink before going to bed, especiallyDo not drink to help sleep!

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Can’t fall asleep at one or two in the morning? These 4 ways can help you improve!

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< p data-track="70">First, take a hot bath before going to bed

If it is often difficult to fall asleep, the quality of sleep No, it’s because of poor blood qi. You can take a hot bath before going to bed, which can promote blood circulation and fully relax the body, because after bathing, people will become tired and fall asleep more easily. . If you can also use traditional Chinese medicine in winter, soaking your feet with traditional Chinese medicine can not only promote blood circulation in the whole body, but also have many benefits for your health.

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Second, drink milk to help sleep

Many people have poor sleep quality due to frequent dreams, restless sleep and inability to enter deep sleep. We all know that milk has a very good sleep-aiding effect, so drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed can not only supplement rich trace elements and minerals, but also have a good effect of calming the nerves and helping sleep. This is a very good sleep aid for people who often suffer from insomnia.

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Third, do more exercise to make the body feel tired

Some insomniacs have difficulty falling asleep because they can’t stabilize their mood, often thinking wildly while sleeping, the brain can’t stop thinking, and the body can’t relax, so it’s hard to get drowsiness, the patient can take a walk or It can increase the amount of exercise, so that the body will feel fatigued, which will make it easier to fall asleep, and when doing some outdoor walks, you can breathe fresh air, regulate mental stress, and have a good effect on improving sleep.

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Fourth, drink a glass of honey water before going to bed

Insomnia patients can drink honey before going to bed. Honey has good nutrients, which can not only beautify the skin, but also relieve constipation and treat the symptoms of insomnia. Honey is rich in nutrients, and the special substances it contains can play a role in sleeping after drinking. Therefore, patients with insomnia can drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed and add appropriate honey, which has a good effect on improving the symptoms of insomnia.

All in all, insomnia symptoms bring great trouble to our health, work and life, so we must pay attention to the symptoms of insomnia . Some of the methods described above have a good effect on improving sleep quality and insomnia symptoms. You may wish to try them.