Displaying 4,276 new varieties of vegetables, the 2022 Shouguang International Vegetable Seed Expo opens

Intern Chen Kexiu

At 9 am on November 20, the 2022 Shouguang International Vegetable Seed Industry Expo and the Fifth National Vegetable Quality Standard Summit Forum were held in Danhe, Shouguang City The facility vegetable standardized production demonstration garden opened. The winners of “2022 China Good Seed”, “2022 Most Popular Cherry Tomato” and “2022 Shouguang International Vegetable Seed Expo Golden Seed Award” were announced at the opening ceremony.

As the most One of the largest seed industry exhibitions, the expo radiates across the country and the world. The exhibited varieties come from 412 breeding units at home and abroad, including Syngenta, Jingyan Yinong, Tianjin Druite, Shanghai Shimanfeng, and Shouguang Vegetable Seed Industry Leading by leading domestic companies such as the Group, there are also first-class seed companies from the Netherlands, Japan and other countries participating, representing the highest level of facility vegetable breeding. The exhibited varieties cover tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, melon, and pumpkin in six major categories of crops. Among them, the number of exhibited varieties of tomato exceeds 2,000, which is the mainstream of this expo. As an important platform for the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the seed industry, the 2022 Shouguang Seed Expo and the 5th National Vegetable Quality Standard Summit Forum have the theme of “Innovative Cooperation Development Standards and the Whole Industry Chain”, through the “online + offline” In this way, 4276 new varieties of vegetables will be displayed intensively.

The seed industry is a key variable for building a strong agricultural country. The Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attach great importance to the seed industry, lay out the “seed industry +” industrial model, and extend the seed industry chain. Shouguang is the vanguard of the province’s seed industry development. The city has independently developed 178 vegetable varieties, with an annual breeding capacity of 1.8 billion seedlings and an output value of more than 1 billion yuan. A commercial breeding system integrating breeding, breeding and promotion has been initially established.

Shandong insists on the seed industry as a strategy The “Shandong Province Seed Industry Revitalization Action Plan” was formulated and released around the “Seed Industry Revitalization Action Plan” to cultivate enterprises as the main body of innovation. In July this year, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the “Notice on Supporting the Development of National Seed Industry Formation Enterprises”. “Short board, strong advantage” national seed industry enterprise formation, to speed up the establishment of the backbone of the revitalization of the seed industry. Eight enterprises in Shandong were selected into the national crop seed industry formation enterprises. Shandong Shouguang Vegetable Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd. was selected as a national crop seed industry formation enterprise, and was rated as a national-level integrated breeding, reproduction and promotion enterprise.

The 5th National Vegetable Quality Standard Summit Forum was held at the same time. The National Vegetable Quality Standard Summit Forum was initiated by the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center jointly established by the Ministry and the province. It has been successfully held for four sessions, with the purpose of exchanging vegetable quality standards Promotion and application, high-quality development of the vegetable industry, agricultural informatization, breeding, ecological agriculture and other research results lead the transformation and upgrading of the national vegetable industry. Since the establishment of the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center in Shouguang, the Expert Committee of the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center led by 5 academicians and the National Vegetable Quality Standardization Innovation Alliance have been established successively. 54 production technical regulations, 5 industry standards for the whole industry chain of tomato, cucumber, pepper, eggplant, and zucchini, 14 local standards of Shandong Province and 53 group standards were successfully released, filling the gap. Identify 50 test and demonstration bases in Shandong, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Tibet, Guizhou, Shanghai and other provinces (regions, cities). The information service platform of the National Vegetable Quality Standard Center has been developed. The only laboratory for sensory evaluation and analysis of vegetable quality in China has been built and put into operation, and it has taken the lead in carrying out sensory evaluation of vegetable quality, becoming the “vanguard” of the whole vegetable industry chain standard, the “leader” of social service of vegetable industry and the “wind vane” of vegetable quality sensory evaluation .

The Expo is sponsored by Shandong Agriculture Sponsored by the Rural Department and Weifang Municipal People’s Government, organized by Shouguang Municipal People’s Government, Weifang Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Weifang National Agricultural Opening and Development Comprehensive Experimental Zone Promotion Office, and National Vegetable Quality Standard Center. It is reported that during the expo, the third meeting of the first National Vegetable Quality Standardization Innovation Alliance and the second meeting of the third National Facility Vegetable Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance will be held, and activities such as excellent varieties, corporate brand promotion and on-site open observation will be held.