Preview of the match: The Iran team is expected to be upset in the war between Britain and Iran

China News Agency, Beijing, November 20th. On the 21st local time, the World Cup in Qatar will have 3 games in Group A and Group B. Among them, Iran, the world’s highest-ranked team in Asia, will face the favorite England team, which is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the day’s event.

England VS Iran (Beijing time at 21:00 on the 21st, Beijing time below)

On November 16, England players were training. Xinhua News Agency

The 1966 World Cup champion, the top 4 in the last World Cup, currently ranked 5th in the world, and the most valuable in this World Cup… Any comment on the England team will make it in Group B Stand out from the crowd.

5 entered the World Cup but never made it out of the group stage, the team’s total value is ranked fifth from the bottom, and the world ranking is the lowest in this group… Any comment of the Iranian team shows that its group is “accompanied by reading” identity.

The strongest VS the weakest in Group B, this seems to be a game that does not bother to predict at all. It is true that England’s victory in this campaign is a high probability event, but the charm of competitive sports lies in its unpredictability.

Born in the birthplace of modern football, with the best league in the world, the pampered England team also appears fragile and impermanent, and has repeatedly “turned over in the gutter” in major competitions. Therefore, for nearly half a century, the “Three Lions” have not only not won the championship, but have even missed the main match or stopped the group stage many times.

As the highest-ranked team in the world in Asia, the Iranian team is not in vain. In the last World Cup, although the “Persian Iron Cavalry” failed to break through the group, they won the African powerhouse Morocco team and drew 1:1 with the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo.

The Iranian team is a group with super cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. Its aggressive style of play may be able to restrain the England team, which is known as the “soft-footed shrimp” in the competition. . In addition, Iran and Qatar are close, and the environment and climate conditions of the two countries are similar. The Iranian team is expected to use the “half home” advantage to complete the counterattack, draw with the England team, and even win a small victory.

Senegal VS Netherlands (0:00 on the 22nd Beijing time)

This is a strong dialogue in Group A.

As the “uncrowned king” of the World Cup, the Dutch team’s World Cup experience has always been ups and downs. They have the honor of winning the World Cup runner-up three times, and they also have the embarrassment of being absent for six consecutive games. They won the runner-up and third place respectively in the two World Cups in 2010 and 2014, but they “dropped the chain” again in the 2018 World Cup and missed the World Cup in Russia. Today, the “Orange Army” is making a comeback, and the goal is once again targeting the Hercules Cup.

The “core” of the Dutch team is Van Dijk, known as “the world’s number one central defender”. Under the leadership of this Liverpool star, the Dutch team has the most luxurious midfielder. It is also the confidence of the “Orange Army” to shout the championship slogan.

The Senegalese team can be called “the pinnacle of their debut”. In 2002, they entered the top 8 for the first time on the stage of the World Cup and became the biggest dark horse at that time.

In this World Cup cycle, the strength of the Senegal team has been further improved. The players in the team basically play in the European League. The best lineup and many other honors in one body. After being crowned the “King of Africa” ​​for the first time in last year’s Africa Cup of Nations, the Senegal team strives to show its glory again in this World Cup.

But the weather is unpredictable. The Senegal team announced two days ago that its top star Mane had withdrawn from the World Cup due to injury, which cast a shadow over Senegal’s World Cup prospects. If the Senegal team led by Mane can still wrestle with the Netherlands, then when the news of Mane’s withdrawal from the World Cup was announced, the balance of victory had already tilted towards the Netherlands.

United States VS Wales (3:00 on the 22nd, Beijing time)

In Group B where the England team is thriving, if the United States and Wales want to qualify, It is necessary to remove the “stumbling block” of the opponent first. In the FIFA world ranking list, the US team ranks 16th and the Welsh team ranks 19th. The gap between the two sides is not big.

Since the 1990 World Cup in Italy, the US team has become a frequent visitor to the World Cup and reached the quarter-finals in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

After the absence of the last World Cup, the U.S. team has undergone an update. The current team is dominated by young players, half of whom are playing in the five major European leagues. “Uncle Sam”, who returned to the World Cup stage after 8 years, wants to create a youthful storm in Qatar.

It took 64 years for the Welsh team to return to the World Cup stage. Regrettably, his second trip to the World Cup came a little late. The “European Red Dragon” has passed its peak, and the main players in the team are too old. The 33-year-old “leader” Bell has not led his team to enter the European Cup six years ago. The Real Madrid superstar in the semi-finals is not the football genius who created a record transfer fee of 101 million euros when he joined Real Madrid 9 years ago.

The current Welsh team is “old and old, small and small”. Therefore, in this seemingly close contest, the US team has taken the lead.