Diabetic patients are constipated, can doctors prescribe lactulose oral solution?

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< span>Constipation is a common complication in diabetic patients, mainly due to autonomic neuropathy and disturbance of gastrointestinal hormone secretion caused by persistent hyperglycemia. Recently, I encountered the following prescription in the outpatient clinic:

II, < How does lactulose work?

Lactulose is a synthetic disaccharide that occurs naturally in does not exist in .

The stomach and small intestine lack the enzymes that break down lactulose, so lactulose is not broken down into monosaccharides. Lactulose is hardly absorbed after oral administration and reaches the colon in its original form.

Lactulose is converted into lactic acid and acetic acid by intestinal flora in the colon, which increases the osmotic pressure in the colon lumen and reduces the pH value in the intestinal tract. The above effects stimulate colon peristalsis, maintain smooth stool, relieve constipation, and restore the circadian rhythm of the colon.

Therefore, lactulose itself does not raise blood sugar.

Oral solution is not lactulose Safety!

oral lactose solution Two indications:

One is for the treatment of chronic or habitual constipation, and the other is for the treatment and prevention of hepatic coma or pre-coma state. The specific usage and dosage are shown in the table below.

lactulose in oral solution, contains not only lactulose, but also galactose. , lactose, etc.

It is therefore contraindicated for those who are lactose or galactose intolerant.

Lactulose oral solution, in constipation therapeutic doses, does not cause any problems for diabetics; The dose for the treatment of hepatic coma or pre-coma is higher and should be used with caution in diabetic patients.

Special reminder:

different The contents of galactose and lactose in the manufacturer’s lactulose oral solution are different. Doctors prescribing and diabetics buying requires careful reading of the instructions.

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