The boat travels on the blue waves, and people swim in the painting! This is the correct way to open Tongli Ancient Town

Tongli Ancient Town, an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River with a thousand-year history, is not only a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, but also one of the first ten One of the famous historical and cultural towns, there is also a World Heritage-listed Retreat Garden in the town. The town is surrounded by water on all sides, surrounded by lakes, and the river network in the town is densely covered. 15 rivers criss-cross, dividing the ancient town into small small towns. The islands are connected by stone arch bridges, thus forming a real water town where every family is close to the river and every household is connected to a boat, so it has the reputation of “Oriental Little Venice”.

< span>There are many good places worth visiting in Tongli, which can be summed up as four more, that is, there are many bridges, many lanes, many ancient buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and many famous people. Among them, “one garden, two halls, and three bridges” are the most famous. One garden is the Garden of Retreat, with twists and turns in the garden, one step at a time. The second hall is Jiayin Hall and Chongben Hall, with profound cultural heritage. The three bridges refer to the three ancient bridges of Taiping, Changqing and Geely. Although they have been attacked by wind and rain, they have been weathered and weathered, but they still cross the bridge port with beautiful water and water.

< span>One garden, two halls and three bridges are certainly not to be missed, but in Yu Fan’s opinion, the most recommended boat tour in Tongli is the boat tour here. Why do you say this? Let me analyze it slowly. First of all, the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River are naturally inseparable from water. You can truly enjoy the water and feel the charm of the ancient towns in the water towns.

< span>Secondly, Tongli is not small. It is time-consuming and laborious to walk through the streets and alleys to check in, and in the hot summer, you will be sweaty after walking for a while. Few people can really walk on foot in the hot summer sun, which is no different from self-abuse, and it is easy to suffer from heat stroke. , and it is much easier to take a cruise, you can comfortably experience the feeling of “boating on the blue waves, people swimming in the middle of the painting”.

< span>Sit leaning on the swaying boat and enjoy Tongli in the clear water. The vivid pictures are presented one by one along with the slowly moving forward of the scull, just like a simple, elegant and pleasant poetic ink painting.

< span>In addition, this cruise is very cheap,120 yuan a boat, can take a maximum of 6 people (quietly tell everyone, if there are few people, you can stay at the door to find someone to join the boat), whether it is three or five friends, or the whole family, you can play, chat, meet Interesting things can be shared together, and if you meet someone you don’t understand, you can listen to the introduction of the master of the oars. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

< span>And taking a boat trip, not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait, but you can also see the life of the local people more clearly on the boat. Playing chess, taking a break in front of the house, or sitting on the bank to chat, these city scenes are actually more vivid than sights.

< span>Riding the scull boat, you will pass many scenic spots worth noting. The most famous one is Tongli Third Bridge, which is not the third bridge, but the collective name of Taiping Bridge, Geely Bridge and Changqing Bridge. , These three bridges have a very long history. They were built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty and have a history of more than 700 years.

< span>There are many bridges in Tongli Ancient Town. Why should I mention these three bridges? In addition to their long history, there is a local custom of walking on bridges. It is said that walking on them can avoid disasters and seek blessings. All the local people will walk on the Three Bridges (when we visited the Qixi Festival, there were also activities on the Three Bridges, but unfortunately we didn’t catch up), and when walking on the bridge, they would say: “Taiping and auspicious long. Celebrate!”, in order to get a good deal. Although I don’t know why the custom of “walking the three bridges” came from, the “three bridges” in the hearts of Tongli people symbolize auspiciousness and happiness, so when the boat arrives at the three bridges, the boat master will give We introduce.

< span>The boat rides in the same li, the ancient town is picturesque, the ancient bridges and ancient buildings are the backgrounds of each other, and they complement each other interestingly. Leaning lazily on the seat on the boat, listening to the soft melody of Wu songs, admiring the beautiful ancient town, feeling its simplicity and tranquility, I feel a little intoxicated, relaxed and very comfortable, maybe this is the The correct way to open Tongli Ancient Town, what do you think?