Life needs a sense of ritual, such as drinking tea

Busy urban life, our pace is getting faster and faster, life is getting rougher, day and night Anxiety and a state of desperation. We are so vulnerable and unable to let go.

So I really admire those who insist on reading books every day even if they are busy; insist on making themselves a cup of tea even if they are tired. They maintain a fit body, maintain decent makeup, pay attention to the sense of ritual in the details of life, and turn the trivial life into snowflakes flying in the sky.

For example, making tea is a very simple thing, It is as simple as two actions: putting tea leaves and pouring water.

But the sense of ritual makes tea making enjoyment and emotion, not just drinking tea to quench your thirst.

The sense of ritual is the emphasis on life, it is to make a monotonous and ordinary thing different, it makes life life, not simple survival.

It doesn’t take much time for a cup of tea to feel the freedom and self-awareness of life.

Make tea with your heart, put your heart into it, soak your whole body in it, and feel the beauty and happiness brought by the fragrance of tea.

It is a human being who gives tea a different meaning. For tea lovers, they are very particular about when, where, with whom, what tea set to use, what kind of tea to make, and even what clothes to wear, what flowers to put in, and what kind of incense to smoke. …It is precisely this sense of ritual that tea ceremony has been popular since the Tang Dynasty and has flourished to this day.

As far as the sense of ritual of drinking tea is concerned, if the tea is not chosen properly, not only the utensils will lose their meaning, but even drinking tea will lose its value .

Why drink tea? Because tea is delicious.

The aroma of tea can be fascinating. It enters the brain from the nasal cavity, making every cell more beating and refreshing.

The color of the tea soup will make your eyes full of surprises, allowing you to carefully observe and remember the color of the tea soup.

The taste of the tea soup allows you to directly touch and feel the connotation of the tea soup, mellow and smooth, the tea soup flows through, warm like a lover The same as being around.

Drinking tea must have a sense of ritual, just like Like marriage in ancient times, each process has a special meaning, and it is the transmission of ideas and culture from generation to generation. Drinking tea is also a kind of cultural and ideological inheritance, don’t lose it, just extract the essence and fuse it!

The universe contained in a cup of tea can be another world. There is a limit to the world. When you are free, go make a cup of tea and give yourself a sense of ritual. This is life, what do you think?

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