Deficiency of the spleen and stomach leads to all kinds of diseases, 5 Chinese patent medicines to resolve stomach cold, stomach pain, stomach bloating and treat various stomach diseases

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Zhao. The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow. The nutrition of the human body depends entirely on the spleen and stomach. If there is a problem with the spleen and stomach, the viscera and organs of the whole body will not be supplied with nutrients, and we will get sick. Nowadays, the pace of life is fast, and many people have stomach problems. Some people dare not eat If you eat something cold, you will have diarrhea, and some people will feel bloated and bloated after eating something. Today, the doctor will share with you 5 Chinese patent medicines for treating cold stomach, stomach pain, and bloating.

The first, Xiao Jianzhong Granules; If you always feel a dull pain in your stomach, especially when you are hungry, the stomach pain will be more serious. It will be better to press it with your hands or drink some hot water. In addition, my appetite is not very good, I always feel listless, and I always have diarrhea. This is caused by deficiency and coldness of the spleen and stomach. You can refer to Xiaojianzhong Granules to warm the middle and tonify the deficiency, and relieve the pain.

Second,Li Zhongwan; Many people always feel stomach pain, bloating, and are particularly afraid of the cold. Their hands and feet are cold, and they like to eat some hot food, and they have diarrhea when they eat cold food. I don’t usually have a good appetite. I often vomit and have diarrhea, and I often feel that there is no taste in my mouth. This is caused by the cold in the spleen and stomach. You can use Lizhong Pills to warm the middle and dispel cold, invigorate Qi and strengthen the spleen

The third one, Zhongjing Weiling Tablets; this is suitable for patients with acute gastritis and chronic gastritis. If you feel cold pain in your stomach, your spleen and stomach are also very weak, you will have a stomachache when you eat cold food, your appetite is not very good, and you often have abdominal distension and acid water in your mouth. You can refer to this medicine to warm the middle and dispel cold, invigorate the stomach and relieve pain

Fourth, Wenweishu Granules; if you suffer from chronic gastritis, you always feel cold and painful in your stomach, and eating a piece of ice cream in summer will also cause stomach pain and diarrhea . Usually, I always don’t want to eat, and I can’t digest food after eating, and I always have abdominal distension and hiccups. And I was especially afraid of the cold, and I had no strength in my body. You can refer to this medicine to warm the stomach and relieve pain.

The fifth, Ginger particles< /span>; If you start to have stomach pain and bloating when the weather changes or you catch a cold. What’s more, you can’t touch anything that is cold. Sometimes you will have a terrible stomachache if you eat some cold dishes. I am usually very afraid of the cold, and sometimes I feel cold and painful in the chest. You can refer to ginger granules to warm the spleen and stomach and dispel wind and cold.

Okay, the above are the Chinese patent medicines that warm the spleen and stomach, but Chinese medicine needs dialectics, because Everyone has a different physique, different causes, and may have similar symptoms, but the medications are very different, so don’t take it without authorization. Please use it according to your actual situation after dialectics from the doctor.