Why is prostatitis still calcified? The dampness and heat are not dispelled, the inflammation is not eliminated, the good prescription Bazheng San clears it

In the previous works, I gave you a popular science about the six evils. Everyone knows that the six evils are not good. In fact, the six evils are wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, Huoyuan is a relatively common climate, and it is not easy to make people sick under normal circumstances, but when people’s own resistance declines or these six kinds of qi change rapidly, the inner balance of our body is easily broken. , it is unable to adapt to the external environment, and at this time the six qi become the six evils. If one’s own disease is caused by these six evils, and the symptoms recur soon after the symptoms are relieved, it is necessary to consider whether the six evils have not been eliminated.

earlier There is a patient, 40 years old, who has suffered from prostatitis for two years. When he first experienced frequent urination, urgency, and dripping urine, the patient did not actively treat it, but took some western medicine to relieve it. Although the patient is a taxi driver, he loves drinking and often has dinner and drinking with friends when he is not driving. The patient also knows that he should stop drinking alcohol when he gets this disease, but he can’t control it anymore. When the disease gets better, he persuades himself that it’s okay to drink less. Later, the patient began to have pain in the lower body, and the radioactive pain at the base of the thigh seriously affected his usual work. He had to go to the hospital for an examination. He was diagnosed with prostatitis. He took the medicine prescribed by the doctor. The doctor urged him to stop drinking. Yes, the patient agreed.

The patient said that he knew that alcohol is not a good thing, not only because of prostatitis, but also because he loves to drink and the quality of alcohol is not very good. After his child finished college, his wife divorced him. It is related to this matter, and I insist on taking medicine to treat prostatitis. In this way, the uncomfortable symptoms did not appear for a long time, and the patient thought he was doing well. As a result, during the physical examination a while ago, calcification was detected. The doctor asked the patient to go to the urology department for further examination. When it gets older, the patient knows that it has become serious.

Later, he came to me after being introduced by a friend. I showed the patient the tongue coating and checked the pulse. I found that the patient had a yellow and greasy tongue coating and a slippery pulse. I learned that the patient had a history of chronic prostatitis for two years and a history of drinking alcohol for 20 years. This is the crux of the problem. After the patient got prostatitis, he has never been treated with traditional Chinese medicine, but has been taking western medicine for relief. The dampness and heat in the body have not been eliminated. In layman’s terms, the “inflammation” of prostatitis has not been completely eliminated. According to the personal situation of the patient, it is the prostatitis caused by the damp heat, because the calcification will only appear after repeated prostatitis. Therefore, I used the addition and subtraction of Bazheng San to the patient to clear away dampness and heat. The prescriptions included: Akebia, Qumai, Plantago Seed, Lemongrass, Talc, Licorice, Gardenia and other syndrome differentiation additions and subtractions. The patient took two After the course of treatment, the prostatitis did not recur, and the calcifications became smaller.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to tracing the source of disease. Inflammation of prostatitis is actually a symptom. We need to see if the root cause of inflammation has been eliminated. When I am free, I will read your comments. Some fans and friends are very negative, saying that prostatitis cannot be cured. I can understand everyone’s feelings, because this disease often recurs and is prone to calcification, which affects people’s confidence. If you have tried many methods and still have no effect, it is recommended to try traditional Chinese medicine treatment again. As long as you can find the cause, whether it is due to damp heat, kidney deficiency, or blood stasis, after careful syndrome differentiation and symptomatic treatment, it will naturally not recur after the symptoms disappear. .

Chinese medicine treats diseases, pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, one person is one party. If you also have such problems, or impotence and premature ejaculation, prostate disease, infertility and other male diseases, as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, respiratory system, diabetes and complications, various chronic diseases and other health problems, you can private message or leave a message in the comment area. I will sincerely help you solve your health problems.