Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4887) found lung nodules at the age of 79, can surgery still be performed?

Pulmonary nodules are found to cover a wide range of age groups, ranging from teenage children to eight and nine ten year old man. Some elderly people in their 80s have found nodules in their lungs. They look benign, or they seem to develop slowly. It is understandable to observe temporarily, but if it looks like lung cancer, it must not be ignored. of. Because the pulmonary nodules of some elderly people, if they are malignant, develop much faster than expected.

Recently, a family member of a 79-year-old patient with pulmonary nodules contacted through an online platform When it came to me, he said that my mother found nodules in her lungs at the local hospital. If lung cancer is considered, can surgery be performed at such an age? For patients with pulmonary nodules who are around 80 years old and over 80 years old, I have done a lot by myself. It depends on the patient’s physical condition. Although some patients are in their 80s, they look the same as those in their 70s. They are in good physical condition. If they can tolerate surgery after preoperative evaluation, it is definitely no problem. In addition, it is also necessary to look at the willingness of the family members for surgery, because after all, the situation of each family is different. Although some patients are eligible for surgery, but the family does not want surgery, then other methods can be used for treatment. To some extent, opinions from families may be more important for elderly patients with pulmonary nodules who are eligible for surgery.