Let every tender bud shine in the sunshine——Wang Yi, deputy to the People’s Congress of Weifang City and director of Gaomi Xingyi Rehabilitation Education Center

Weifang Daily News Hugo once said: “If there is no love in the world, the sun will go out.” Wang Yi, deputy to the Weifang Municipal People’s Congress and director of Gaomi Xingyi Rehabilitation and Education Center, illuminates disabled children with great love The journey of life has ignited the light of hope for the “gray” family.

Wang Yi is with the child.

Dedicated to rehabilitation without hesitation

In the morning of early winter, Wang Yi and her staff were already busy in a small white three-story building in the East Campus of Gaomi People’s Hospital. Repeated movement training, non-stop strengthening of instructions, and constant attention to the changes in the children’s expressions are their daily work, which is repetitive and cumbersome. Because what they are facing is a group of children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism, and disabilities. These special children are like young shoots that cannot see the sun, and it is difficult for them to live independently, let alone integrate into society.

A great career comes from a dream, and all success comes from love. Wang Yi is a “post-80s” Gaomi girl. After graduating from university, she originally had many career choices, but she resolutely chose the most difficult path of rehabilitation for disabled children. After learning that there is no mature child rehabilitation institution in Gaomi, his hometown, Wang Yi gave up the high salary in a big city, returned to his hometown to start his own business, opened a private child rehabilitation institution, and became the “second mother” of more than 1,000 special children. .

Wang Yi teaches children to speak.

Be a person who walks with the “snail”

“The growth of these children is like little snails crawling. I am willing to accompany them to grow up slowly.” Simple words reveal Show Wang Yi’s care for special children.

Yiming (pseudonym) is the first special child Wang Yi came into contact with in the rehabilitation center. When Yiming was 8 months old, his parents discovered that he could not sit or crawl, and traveled to many major hospitals in China, and was finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In order to cure Xiao Yiming’s illness, the family has owed a lot of foreign debts over the years, and Yiming’s mother is almost desperate.

With the last ray of hope, Yiming’s mother took her child to find Wang Yi. Yiming suffers from aetiological cerebral palsy, so when he was helped to stand up, his limbs would move around and his body would wobble. In order to cultivate Yiming’s body balance function, Wang Yi knelt on the training mat with him face to face, and guided him to kneel with him. At first, Yiming couldn’t support his upper body and often fell into her arms. Wang Yi rubbed him Legs, let him rest in his arms for a few minutes before training.

After half a year of persistence, Wang Yi regarded Yiming as his own child. If she is happy and falls down, she will worry. Finally, one day, when Yiming’s mother pushed open the door of the training room, the scene that had been dreamed countless times really appeared: Yiming stood there steadily, saw the moment of himself, waved his arms, and walked unsteadily. come over. “Mingming can walk now!” With a cry, Yiming’s mother and Wang Yi burst into tears.

Haoheng (pseudonym) is a child with autism. Whether it was one-on-one training or group class, Haoheng lowered his head and remained silent with drooping eyelids. The same words and actions were repeated thousands of times, but in front of him, it was like nothingness like air. Seeing Haoheng like this, Wang Yi was filled with frustration, but at the same time she felt sorry for Xiao Haoheng.

Wang Yi knows very well that there is no effective treatment for children with autism, and the same thing must be repeated continuously. Constantly stimulate them. One day a year later, Wang Yi talked to Haoheng as usual: “Who brought you here?” Haoheng suddenly said, “Mom!” Wang Yi hugged the child tightly in his arms. Under Wang Yi’s patient rehabilitation training intervention and careful care, many special children have received timely and effective rehabilitation treatment, gained the joy of growth, and better integrated into the family and society.

Practice the mission from the “heart”

In addition to doing his job well, as a representative of the National People’s Congress, Wang Yi is deeply aware of the mission and responsibility he shoulders, and strives to fulfill it with heart and soul Represents the gloryduty. Strengthened learning, participated in more than 10 learning and training, research and other activities organized by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and carefully studied laws and regulations, the People’s Congress system, and the knowledge of deputies’ performance around meeting and performing their duties, and continuously improved their ability to perform their duties.

Wang Yi successively visited more than 60 households with special children and solved work problems for more than 20 mothers of special children. Bring warmth and care to families with special children. Wang Yi is well aware of her own insignificance. Now that she has the status of a representative of the National People’s Congress, she actively takes the lead in making suggestions, putting forward opinions and suggestions on strengthening social care for special children, actively carrying out more than 20 voluntary assistance activities, and promoting the creation of a social atmosphere that cares for special children , and strive to let every “angel with broken wings” bathe in the sunshine of love.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Shao Guangyao/Wentu

Responsible editor: Feng Xiaojian