Cultivate “Hundred Herbs Garden” and cultivate “Xiao Langzhong”, and “Xinglin Nursery Project – Chinese Medicine Culture Entering Campus” was launched

Changjiang Daily Wuhan Client, April 28 (Reporter Guan Xin) “Dandelion can actually be used as a medicinal material to treat diseases. The four quintessence of China also includes traditional Chinese medicine, which is closely related to our lives. , Chinese herbal medicine has always been by our side.” Chen Lerui, class 2, fourth grade of Poyang Street Primary School, developed a strong interest in traditional Chinese medicine after taking a special cultural course on traditional Chinese medicine.

Wang Lei, Vice President of Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Cheng Yanfang, Principal of Poyang Street Primary School in Jiang’an District, signed ” Xinglin Nursery Program – Chinese Medicine Culture on Campus” Cooperation Agreement. Photo by Xie Junjie

On the afternoon of April 28, Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Jiangan District Poyang Street Primary School jointly launched a series of activities of “Xinglin Nursery Project – Chinese Medicine Culture Entering Campus”, bringing “Qihuang” No. Health Special Train” entered the campus, and actively explored a comprehensive and systematic demonstration of a new model of medical-education integration through a series of activities such as opening cultural courses, building cultural corridors, conducting volunteer services, cultivating “Hundred Herb Garden” and cultivating “Little Langzhong”. .

“Five Ones” Helps Enlightenment Education of Chinese Medicine Culture

At 3:00 p.m. on the same day, more than ten student representatives from Poyang Street Primary School presented gifts to the guests. Hand-painted Chinese herbal medicine environmental protection handbags, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines are painted with bright colors on the white canvas bags. Hu Li, director of the Social Service Department of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the Changjiang Daily reporter: “Astragalus, honeysuckle, saffron, wolfberry, kapok, ginseng, Houttuynia cordata… These Chinese herbal medicines are vivid and vivid in children’s writings. The efficacy introduction is also attached next to the Chinese herbal medicine.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Theme Lecture, Chen Lerui is answering questions. Photo by Xie Junjie

According to reports, the series of activities of “Xinglin Nursery Project – Chinese Medicine Culture Entering Campus” will be carried out through the “Five Ones” series of educational and publicity activities, including the opening of a series of Chinese Medicine characteristic cultural courses, build a “Traditional Chinese Medicine” cultural corridor, carry out a series of “Xinglin Spark” volunteer services, cultivate a traditional Chinese medicine “Hundred Herb Garden” and carry out a series of experience activities to cultivate “Xiao Langzhong Star”.

Wang Lei, vice president of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a speech. Photo by Xie Junjie

“Cultural courses take the form of stories of Chinese medicine characters, herbal cultivation, self-care, scientific experiments, etc. The medical culture curriculum system, and the cultural corridor allow teachers and students to understand the cultural knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine in their spare time, broaden their horizons, and enhance their interest and curiosity in traditional Chinese medicine.” Wang Lei, deputy director of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the “Hundred Herb Garden” was cultivated. In the process of hands-on cultivation, students can deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, experience the fun of planting, and enhance their hands-on ability. Cultivating “Xiao Lang Zhong Xing” allows students to experience the characteristic diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine “seeing, smelling, asking, and cutting” at zero distance. Contact with Chinese herbal medicine specimens, Chinese herbal decoction pieces, and Chinese medicine processing tools and processes, etc., and experience the charm of Chinese medicine more intuitively.

At the same time, the hospital will also organize volunteer teams from time to time through various forms of teaching activities, and through “small hands hold big hands”, teachers and parents will be able to experience Chinese medicine culture from “the mouths of children”, open A new window to learn about Chinese medicine, know Chinese medicine, and feel Chinese medicine.

“Nursing Up” to cultivate self-confidence in TCM culture

Xiong Yuanyin, deputy chief physician of the Rheumatology Department of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is giving a lecture to the students. Photo by Xie Junjie

On the day of the event, Xiong Yuanyin, deputy chief physician of the rheumatology department of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, master tutor of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and heir to the academic experience of the old traditional Chinese medicine expert of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave the The student representatives of Poyang Street Primary School gave a lecture on the topic of traditional Chinese medicine “Confucius and Traditional Chinese Medicine Hand in Hand – A Saint Who Can Teach and Maintain Health”. Zhang Shunya from Class 2, Grade 4, said: “When I grow up, I want to be a people’s teacher and continue to carry forward and spread the profound traditional Chinese culture.”

Poyang Street Primary School student representatives presented a hand-painted Chinese herbal green handbag to the course instructor representative. Photo by Xie Junjie

It is understood that the Hankou Campus of Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Poyang Street Primary School are located in the Lihuangpi Road Street Museum in Wuhan City next to each other. Both sides have a profound history. “Promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine on campus will help to enhance the understanding and recognition of the excellent traditional Chinese culture among young people, enhance students’ cultural self-confidence and national self-confidence, and make the traditional Chinese medicine culture pass on from generation to generation.” Deputy Hospital of Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chang Wang Lei said that it is necessary to cultivate integrity, start with young people, cultivate the national spirit and the spirit of the times, give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and promote the prosperity of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

[Editor: Yu Lina]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]