Chinese longevity expert Lin Haifeng passed away at the age of 51. After reading and thinking!

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Comrade Lin Haifeng passed away——”Chairman of China Nutrition and Health Network, Chairman of Sunshine Forest Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Director of China Health Science and Technology Association Medical and Health Research Association, Health Professional Committee Member of China Health Food Association, China Longevity “Nutrition Expert of the Expert Group”, Comrade Lin Haifeng unfortunately passed away on November 11, 2019 (Double Eleven) at the age of 51. Comrade Lin Haifeng has repeatedly advocated that grains such as rice are “poisons in the modern Chinese diet” and “the key to all kinds of modern diseases.” To get rid of toxins, the core is not to eat any solid food, only drink 8 cups of fruit and vegetable juice squeezed from celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc. every day. Comrade Lin Haifeng firmly believes that after drinking fruit and vegetable juice for 5-7 days, some chronic diseases can be completely cured, and “it will not be easy to get sick again in this life”. Comrade Lin Haifeng told us from his personal experience that bragging is a very dangerous thing. 01November 11, 2019, called the “Fasting and Detoxing” “Natural Therapy Master” in Yunnan, and advocated “Fasting and Detoxification” in Yunnan. Lijiang died unexpectedly at the age of 51. People sighed, What a surprise!He is so young!Lin Haifeng A friend told reporters that a few days before the accident, Lin Haifeng posted a message on WeChat Moments, saying that he had eaten a packet of expired red dates and that his “body was stiff”, but he did not go to the hospital and spit out the food by vomiting. After that, the body returned to normal. Subsequently, he deleted this Moments post. A few days later, Lin Haifeng and some friends went to Lijiang to play. After dinner that day, Lin Haifeng suddenly fell to the ground unexpectedly. After being sent to the hospital, there is no sign of life, and everyone suspects that “food poisoning” caused the tragedy. “He did natural medicine himself, and he probably thought he could excrete it, so he didn’t go to the hospital.” the person regretted. He was not known to the public at first, but because of “Natural Therapy Master”, “Fasting and Detoxification Health”, “China Longevity Expert Group” Nutrition experts” are associated with premature death, leaving countless middle-aged and elderly people in endless thinking. 02I suddenly remembered seeing it in the group A paragraph of: It is said that dancing can prolong life, Tao Jin who danced passed away at the age of 36;It is said that early Exercise can lead to longevity, Ma Hua, who taught everyone morning exercises on CCTV every day, passed away at the age of 36;>Chen Xiaoxu of Xiang Buddha passed away at the age of 42; All rap and singing can prolong life. , passed away at the age of 50; All said that laughter can live a long life, Hou Yaowen and Xiaolin, who were humorous and joked all their lives, passed away in their 50s, and Li Yongcai also passed away at 50; It is said that diligent use of the brain, More finger movement can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The famous conductor Seiji Ozawa uses his brain, moves his eyes, moves his expressions, moves his hands and feet, and also has dementia… Is it effective and meaningful? Who can tell, who can make sense? 03The same health indicators are not superficial! Old age is an unexpected blessing. This blessing is the natural and free aging process and form, the so-called longevity of the benevolent. Since ancient times, longevity has been longed for; health preservation has been admired; a hundred years old has been expected. But many people pursue longevity too much and go into misunderstandings, instead ignoring the true value of life. Which method has the longest life span? Television broadcasts, newspapers and magazines, street talk, hearsay…the more I listen, the more confused I get. The way of living of others can only be admired and cannot be copied. The imitation of following the trend, learning to walk in Handan, is counterproductive. Severe chronic diseases in the elderly? Degenerative changes of senile signs should be regarded as normal, why should they be regarded as lesions? Blood pressure and body weight are measured every day, which creates a burden. Anti-aging? How can we resist aging, how can there be a panacea for immortality? Moreover, the value of life is not in how many years we live, but in whether we really understand and improve the quality of life in our lifetime. 04Sickness is the norm in the elderly, but no disease is the exception. Nowadays, there are many elderly people who contribute to the tendency to be overly health-conscious when their physiological indicators are out of balance with normal values. Take a car as an example, the ex-factory index and the usable index must be different. If we use the factory standard to check the cars in use in every household, I am afraid all of them are unqualified, but don’t we drive well every day? The blood sugar and blood pressure of the elderly are slightly higher. As long as they are relatively stable, there is no problem at all. The popular concept among the elderly is “health-centered”, which is debatable. In life, happiness should be the goal. Health is only a condition, not a goal. If you focus on health, or even for the purpose of health, you can’t eat, you can’t drink, and hold a blood pressure monitor and blood sugar meter all day long (I I have indeed seen a friend who has three meals a day and six blood sugar tests before and after meals), where is life? Where can there be happiness? At best, it is a life of trembling. There is a popular saying on the Internet recently: You have to live, don’t let life live on you. Can it also be used to apply the health problems of the elderly: You should enjoy your health, and you should not let your health enslave you. 05Life is sometimes about exercise, but sometimes also about rest. People who exercise regularly are healthier, but people who don’t exercise regularly are not necessarily unhealthy. Healthy people have a strong ability to resist disease, and unhealthy people have poor ability to resist disease, but if they are not seriously ill, they can still live for a long time. Look at those people who are sick and crooked, who keep their medicine jars around, day after day, year after year, and “boil” those so-called strong and strong people. . As the saying goes: cypress barrels can’t survive broken earthen jars, be careful sailing for thousands of years. In life, I often see people who are too strong say that they are gone, and there is no discussion at all. Just like sports athletes don’t live longer than the average person. Excessive overload and extreme exercise will only damage the human body and shorten life expectancy. Appears to be healthy, but in fact does not live long. We can carry out some moderate physical activities, but don’t judge male and female…It is advisable for middle-aged and elderly people to walk, and it is good to walk for an hour a day. Ma Yinchu, the old principal of Peking University, is paralyzed in bed, how can he exercise much? But also lived to the age of ninety-nine. Excessive exercise will damage the body, accelerate the loss of people, and speed up the metabolism does not necessarily lead to longevity. The tortoise doesn’t run as fast as the rabbit, but the tortoise has a slower metabolism than the rabbit and lives much longer than the rabbit. Chronic people often live longer than acute people, which may be related to slower metabolism. The so-called rush to come and rush to go is very appropriate to describe the impatient. 06The unhealthy nature of many elderly friends is precisely because they pay too much attention to their health.Health can only mean that you are in good physical condition, while longevity means the persistence and continuity of your body. These are two completely different concepts.It has been used for sixty or seventy years. “Old equipment”, but hope to detect the parameters of young people’s body operation, how is this possible? Pursuing impossible things, you can only hurt yourself, can you be healthy?In the end, we still have to accept There are no serious illnesses and acute illnesses, but there are some chronic diseases and elderly diseases, but they are basically healthy or not so healthy. It is a reality to learn to live in harmony with various chronic and elderly diseases and to live with each other.In short , we have to get used to coexisting with “disease”, walk hand in hand, live every day not so healthy, enjoy every day, and live happily!Life has meaning!Life is meaningful! span>07Longevity is the best way; Older people should not rashly change their living habits. What kind of food is popular on the Internet to cure what kind of disease, what kind of exercise can do what kind of organ health care, you must distinguish the true from the false by yourself , and then choose according to your actual situation, what suits you is the best. It is best to live a normal life, exercise properly, eat too much or too little, drink more water, and eat more protein food.As people are old, there is no need to interact too much.Sit and rest if you have nothing to do If you feel tired, lie down for a while, don’t get up too early or too late in the morning, walk slowly to prevent falls, and live a “slow-paced life”. The biggest advantage of doing this is that it can make the mood stable, the heart will not be too tired, and the whole person can be relaxed and cultivated. Elderly people should not eat and drink too much and exercise too much. Be sure to enjoy yourself, communicate with people often, and don’t take your troubles to heart. Only when the mood is stable, the mood is comfortable, and the whole person has the spirit and energy, the life can be prolonged. 08Revere life and learn to smile at home. The development of modern medical science and technology has given human beings the external force to prevent and treat diseases and relieve pain. Excessive treatment leads to a life without dignity and meaning. As the saying goes: There is no dutiful son before the bed for a long time. A word of “filial piety” is really a severe test for the younger generation. .While in awe of life, we must also learn to laugh at the destination. Since death is the final destination, life is inevitable, so naturally there is no need to be too afraid. Let’s just leave it to “Fate”. Birth, old age, sickness and death are the laws of nature, brothers and sisters, don’t change yourself at will, don’t deliberately embarrass yourself, don’t believe this, don’t dare to taste this, don’t dare to taste it, that also dare not eat. We are all at this age, let’s do whatever we want, be indifferent, and live freely!

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