Cost 180,000? ​”A family of 13 people stranded in a high-end hotel in Sanya” speaks out

According to the WeChat official account of Hainan “Sanya”, From 0 to 24:00 on August 7, 2022, there were 186 new confirmed cases in Sanya (30 of which were asymptomatic infections) ), 227 asymptomatic infections. From 0:00 on August 1 to 24:00 on August 7, a total of 801 confirmed cases and 409 asymptomatic infections were found.

The sudden epidemic has caused tens of thousands of tourists to stay in Sanya. The local people continue to stay in hotels at half price to appease and resettle the stranded tourists, and strive to let them go home safely as soon as possible.

August 6th, people line up for nucleic acid testing according to IC photo

Conversation with “Family of 13 stranded in Sanya”:

“700 yuan per person per meal” is misunderstood

According to China News Network, 7 Today, a news about “a family of 13 staying in a high-end hotel in Sanya” aroused public attention, and the topic of “a family of 13 staying in Sanya for 7 days will cost 180,000?” The topic even made it to the hot search list on social networking sites. On the 8th, when the reporter contacted the news subject, Xu Lu (pseudonym) directly called the rumors scary.

The stranded tourists are queuing for nucleic acid sampling. Photo courtesy of the interviewed tourists

“It cost 180,000 yuan, which is too scary!” On the 8th, Xu Lu told reporters on the phone that its A family of 13 was indeed on vacation in Sanya. They came to Sanya from Chengdu at the end of July and stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel during the period. The original plan was to go home on the 7th, but due to the epidemic, the check-in was changed to the 6th, and the flight was cancelled and stranded in Sanya.

Xu Lu said that the hotel did offer a half-price discount for the extended stay in accordance with the requirements of the Sanya Municipal Government, but “each meal is 700 yuan per person. standard” is a misunderstanding. The hotel has different restaurants, and guests can choose different standards. “It’s not that we have to eat a meal of 700 yuan every day.”

Xu Lu said that after the “180,000” public opinion appeared, the hotel communicated with the guests and made further adjustments in room and catering prices. “The epidemic in Sanya came very suddenly, and it is not easy for everyone. We also hope that together with the hotel, we will cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention policy, so that the epidemic will end soon and everyone can return to normal life together.”

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya is a well-known luxury resort hotel in Sanya.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Marketing Director Jiang Dou introduced that the 700 yuan meal fee mentioned in the “180,000” public opinion is the price of a buffet in one of the hotel’s restaurants. The guests involved have only had one meal in this restaurant.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sanya, staff are disinfecting the railings. Photo courtesy of Jiangdou

How about the accommodation for tourists stranded in Sanya during the epidemic?

Apartment owner offers free accommodation for stranded travelers

A hotel refund has been received Notice

According to the release of Sanya, due to the peak tourist season in Sanya, a large number of tourists are stranded in Sanya, the Sanya Tourism and Hotel Industry Association has issued a number of initiatives to support the anti-epidemic work . One of them calls on hotels to “do not drive up room prices, increase room prices in disguised form, or refuse tourists to continue their stay. Tourists should be given half-price discounts on the basis of the original hotel room price (that is, the room price that has been checked in on the 5th), and new tourists should follow the announcement on Ctrip’s official website. A half-price discount is given on the basis of the lowest price, so as to provide tourists with a comfortable and comfortable accommodation environment.”

Sanya beach during the temporary global static management period

Red Star News reporter learned that some homestays in Sanya have also been adjusted at half price, and some homestays will also adjust the price lower. A staff member of the homestay told reporters that before the temporary global static management in Sanya, the homestay had lowered the price of accommodation, regardless of the room type, each room was 100 yuan per night. Ctrip’s room price list shows that the price of different room types ranges from 200 yuan to nearly 400 yuan.

Ms. Chen and her family from Shandong operate apartments in Hainan. On the morning of August 7, Ms. Chen posted a video online. She said in the video that she and her family have apartments in Dadonghai, Haitang Bay and Haihua Island. Her apartment is not big, but she hopes to help some people. She said that if anyone stays here in Sanya, they can contact her by private message, and she and her family can help those in need to stay for free.

Ms. Chen told the Red Star News reporter that after the video was released, some netizens contacted her, but because of the control in various areas of Sanya, she could not go to her homestay, and there are currently 3 people Check in for free. Ms. Chen’s mother also gave free rice and cooking pots to the residents of the apartment after the temporary global static management in Sanya.

Ms. Chen said that her family can currently provide twenty or thirty apartments to tourists for free. She and her family didn’t think much about the idea when she came up with this idea, she just felt that it was not easy for everyone and wanted to do something for others. “During the epidemicIf the room is empty, the room is also empty, and it is nothing more than paying for water and electricity bills,” Ms. Chen said that they did not consider the factors of interest at present, “Making money is not a one-time gain, and there will be opportunities to make it in the future. “

Ms. Pan’s family arrived at Yalong Bay in Sanya last week for a visit. At that time, there were sporadic new cases in Sanya, but she and her family were optimistic about the epidemic in Sanya and maintained the tourism Plan. But starting this week, the number of new cases of the new crown in Sanya in a single day has increased from sporadic to triple digits.

Ms. Pan told the Red Star News reporter that due to concerns about the Trapped in Sanya and delaying their children’s schooling, the family basically stayed in the hotel recently and did not dine in. Previously, the price of the hotel they stayed in was 2,600 yuan a night, but the price of the hotel on the night of the 6th was half the price of the hotel’s rack. Adjustments were made, and the actual hotel accommodation fee paid on the 6th was RMB 1,500, which is half of the retail price of RMB 3,000.

On the evening of the 7th, a guest of the hotel stated in the group that they had received the fee. Upon arrival at the hotel, the guests will be refunded for their previous expenses.

Ms. Pan told Red Star News, on the evening of the 7th, she received When I arrived at the hotel, I informed that the hotel price has been adjusted. A room without sea view is 680 yuan a day, a room with sea view is 780 yuan a day, and the sea view room she lives in is 780 yuan a day. In addition, the hotel is notifying the guests one by one about refunds.

At a press conference on August 7, Liu Cheng, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, responded that online tourists reflected on individual Sanya The hotel does not implement relevant measures, and there are cases where prices are raised first and then discounted.Relevant departments have sent special personnel to the scene to deal with it. If there is indeed an overcharge, it must be returned.< /span>

Red Star News reporter Chen Qingyuan intern Li Longliang