On the second day of the nude speech in Shenzhen, a person went to Xinjiang with a bag on his back

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Running with buckets

After the new year, I came back and walked a few people, and the workload increased; and the company’s prospects for this year are not very optimistic, and the slogan sounded In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, there is actually an extra performance appraisal to reduce employees’ salaries; leaders work hard to draw cakes, and employees below will have to break their legs for the boss’s dream. If it weren’t for all sorts of outrageous events happening to me, who wouldn’t want to stay and earn a few extra 0.00001 W

Running all night

When I left my job, I was already planning to go to Xinjiang. In the middle of the year, I just waited for the spring and summer trip of China Southern Airlines. Shenzhen, Urumqi, plus taxes and fees of 1100, cool


I was planning to pass May 1st, but a positive result happened in Urumqi just before the holiday, and there were also projects busy at that time. , helpless.

The travel plan is to spend three or four days in Urumqi, and most people may go to Altay in northern Xinjiang. As well as the self-driving tour on the Duku Highway, the Kashgar area in southern Xinjiang, etc., and some even have to travel around Xinjiang. Maybe it’s because of the messy work and rest after I came out to work that my body couldn’t keep up, and I couldn’t keep up. Moreover, if I went out to play by myself, I wouldn’t follow the online guides very well. If I went out to relax and rush to check-in attractions, it seemed like going to work as usual. No difference

air tickets

Because of the time after leaving the company, there are already several in Shenzhen. In medium and high risk areas, I originally planned to take a break before going out. When I was in a panic on the weekends, I swiped a flight ticket. I accidentally swiped a ticket for less than 700 yuan (without adding fuel tax of 190, I didn’t have to pay for fuel when I flew at the beginning of the year), and I was confused.

After calling the car to the airport before midnight the night before, I decided to go to the airport for the night. No way, most of the early flights are in the low-cost flight time period, and it’s for the sake of money

even if If I can get a car, for the flight at 6:30, I estimate that I have to leave for the airport until three or four o’clock. Due to the epidemic, flights to Xinjiang have to check in at the on-site counter to check the health code and itinerary code. I didn’t have to check in and select seats online, but I like to sit by the window whether I’m on a plane or a high-speed train, so when I got up at about 4:30 and went to the counter, I found that there was already a line in front of the counter. It seemed that it was summer vacation. Everyone went to Xinjiang to play too much.

It’s almost dawn at five or six in summer.

< p>

HNA has been sitting a lot, it is the first time Its low-cost airline, Urumqi Airlines, is a bit difficult without air service for the five-and-a-half-hour flight, mainly because the middle-aged and elderly tour groups on the plane are annoying, and I get up at two or three o’clock to catch the plane. , I’m scared

Arriving at the highest city in the world, Xinjiang! Xinjiang is so beautiful, oh, isn’t this the Turpan Basin? Let’s take a look at the snowy mountains in the distance, my family

Even if you can get on the plane successfully, it does not mean that you can move freely when you get off the plane. After landing, the plane was led to the remote seat. When the shuttle bus came, there was an ambulance parked next to it. Then I heard that the flight attendant had to wait for the confirmation of the airport epidemic prevention personnel before leaving, and then called the XXX passenger to get off the plane and go to the ambulance first.

When the passengers in the back got off the plane, several people were asking if there was something wrong with that person. Yes, I thought to myself that I should be fine if I didn’t call me. After the nucleic acid was done, I hurried out of the airport and slipped away.

The first stop in Urumqi is the most impressive and should be the security check, like taking the subway and going to some larger pedestrian streets like buses Basically, the security check standard for high-speed rail is almost the same, but this is understandable, safety first

Actually I’m a foodie, and I don’t pay much attention to attractions. Then I chose the hotel near the Xinjiang Library. I plan to go to Wenzhou Street to find something to eat at six or seven o’clock. Later, when I went out, I found that it was as bright as two or three o’clock in Shenzhen, and it was just as hot.

Although they are both in China, Xinjiang is actually several hours away from the mainland. While admiring the vastness of the country, you still have to get used to it.

I walked to this pearl pilaf king before I knew it, and ordered the cylinder meat + vegetarian pilaf , the taste is not bad, but why did this tank become a soup pot, I thought it was wrong

It was past ten o’clock after eating, and the sunset was still shining.

Drinking that soup was a bit suffocating, I went for a walk in the Tianshan District to digest and digest, and I felt the atmosphere of Xiawu City. Local customs.

It actually feels like the whole city is building It is very similar to the development and the mouth of the city, the more prominent feature may be more authentic.

Going to Hongshan Park is also part of this plan. Climbing to Hongshanzui overlooks the urban scenery of Urumqi

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Compared with the sweltering summer in Guangdong, Xinjiang is hot and dry, and it also needs to be slowed down by Xuangen ice cream

Go to a friend’s community in the evening, look up and record the gradual pink sunset in Uzbekistan

I went to the Grand Bazaar during the day, but my friend said that it is only at night. It’s fun…but I think it’s about the same at night, because it’s really not much fun

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Then I ate it, beef noodles with scallion pancakes, it is rare to see thicker beef slices

In this section of Xinjiang Time also received two earthquake warnings, but the magnitude is not high, hope you are safe

I can’t appreciate the nature of Northern Xinjiang Altay The scenery, just go to Urumqi Botanical Garden and feel it.

And Tianshan Tianchi

In the blink of an eye, more than half a week has passed, and it is almost the same. I plan to go back to work as a migrant worker. When I return to Shenzhen, I need a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate (mark matching)

After the nucleic acid is finished, eat a pepper chicken < /p>

Before leaving, I made an appointment for another meal. I don’t know if the beef bone hot pot is a local specialty, but it’s good to go.


Because it was too late to buy a return ticket, I didn’t expect that weekday tickets would be so tight. I saw the direct flight the night before. They all rose to 1500+. I originally wanted to try the wide-body aircraft of Hainan Airlines. In the end, I chose the connecting flight of Sichuan Airlines in Chengdu. I am more gratified that there is a transfer hotel near the airport for one night. Use the airport to find a place to lie down

< p> After arriving in Chengdu, I directly called the front desk of the hotel and sent a car to pick it up. Thanks to the itinerary record of Shenzhen on the itinerary card, it took half an hour to complete the relevant certificates and commitments before we could check in.

Second shift at six o’clock The half-Chengdu-Shenzhen flight had to pass at 5:00, and I didn’t sleep much the night before I went to Urumqi. Although the T1 of Shuangliu Airport was basically occupied by Sichuan Airlines, it is still not good to open more than 10 counters at the same time in the morning. It is enough, it is estimated that it takes a long time to read the health code when checking in.

The last time I woke up at five o’clock, I can recall the time of my senior year

take off

Although the meal is not as rich as the previous trip, there is still enough flower tea and sesame paste, which is worthy of being a pig raising flight

I’m back, everything is so familiar and full of part-time work


At the time of writing this article, I have been lying down for more than a month, and finding a job is actually not as difficult as it is said on the Internet (every day) Open the homepage of station B and recommend to me about unemployment and pressure), just saying that it takes some time to find an ideal job.

< /img>

Before I left, my colleagues basically asked me if I had found a good company, or persuaded me that the economy is not very good, the company has laid off many people, and I should not leave the company lightly. In fact, every decision will not be groundless. It’s not that there aren’t so many bad things, and who wants to run away, just treat yourself as a summer vacation. It’s true that the current environment is not very good, and it’s not so easy to find a job; but don’t just endure it blindly, if you’re really unhappy , still have to consider changing the current status Persuading to resign is just a feeling, everyone still do what they can)

If you go out to play, don’t worry too much Since the middle of this year, it has been released a lot, not only Xinjiang, as well as Yunnan, Shandong, and the great mountains and rivers of the motherland are waiting for you to take a look and see how the air tickets and hotels will rise.

That’s it