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1, yearly September 26 is “World Contraception Day”, and its vision is “to build a world without unintended pregnancy.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, there are about 25 million to 55 million abortions around the world every year. In our country, every year There are about 8-10 million women who have undergone induced abortions, and a large number of them have undergone repeated abortions. Therefore, you must learn scientific contraception if you do not want to accidentally “win the lottery”.

2. These contraceptive methods have a high risk of unintended pregnancy for women and should be used with caution.

  • safety period Contraceptive method: The effective rate of contraception is about 76%, and there is a 1/4 probability that it will be ineffective.

  • External spermatogenesis contraception: the effective rate of contraception is about 78%, the probability of more than 1/5 is invalid.

  • Emergency contraceptive contraception: the contraceptive effect can reach 80%~90%, and 10%~ 20% ineffective.

3. If you don’t want to use condoms, you can also choose oral short-acting contraceptives. The high-efficiency contraceptive consisting of estrogen and progesterone needs to be taken by women every day, and as long as it is taken correctly, its contraceptive effect is as high as 99%. However, due to the prejudice and insufficient understanding of hormones, the use of short-acting contraceptives in China is very low. In fact, short-acting contraceptives are not “flood animals”. Reasonable and correct use can not only play a role in contraception, but also play a role in treating acne and regulating menstruation.


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