When going to bed at night, there are 5 kinds of abnormal manifestations in the body for no reason, and the uric acid in the body may have increased

As we all know, with the improvement of living standards, people’s eating habits have also undergone great changes. Many people always like to eat big fish and meat on weekdays, but ignore the health benefits of vegetables and other foods.

Especially if you often eat foods with high purine content, the uric acid level in the body will increase. If it has been controlled within a reasonable range, the patient does not have too many uncomfortable symptoms, but if the uric acid level exceeds the standard , will have many effects on the human body.

Therefore, if these kinds of manifestations appear inexplicably in the body when sleeping at night, it may be caused by high uric acid in the body.

1. The feeling of holding back urine

Urine holding is the active behavior of the human body. For example, in the course of class or meeting, because conditions do not allow, the human body needs to take the initiative to hold back urine. However, holding back urine caused by high uric acid is different from this situation. There is often an involuntary feeling of holding back urine when falling asleep;

In simple terms, it means that there is no feeling of urination, but the body gives a prompt to urinate. The main reason for this result is high uric acid Causes kidney irritation.

2. Thirsty

Uric acid comparison When it is high, will be deposited in the kidneys of the human body, thereby increasing the burden on the kidneys and impairing their function, thus, patients will often feel thirsty during sleep; p>

Therefore, it is recommended that such people drink more water during the day, which can promote the excretion of uric acid, thereby reducing the burden on the kidneys to a certain extent.

3. Abnormal urine color

Usually For example, at night, the excess toxins and water in the human body have been metabolized, and most of the urine excreted before going to bed is colorless, odorless and transparent, which is a normal phenomenon.

But if the urine excreted before going to bed in the past few days is a relatively dark color, after ruling out the factor of not getting angry, you should be alert to whether the uric acid value in the body exceeds the standard;< /p>

Because the crystals caused by high uric acid will hinder urination, which will cause the urine to not be metabolized normally, and bacteria will breed after long-term retention in the bladder, which will eventually lead to the dark color and strong taste of the discharged urine.

4. Inexplicable pain

Clinical investigation It shows that some patients with high uric acid have experienced inexplicable pain awakening in the middle of the night. The reason for this result is the long-term accumulation of uric acid in the joints, which will cause joint inflammation after a long time; Symptoms of joint pain, which can recur if uric acid is not controlled in time.

5. Non-stop snoring

A lot People think that snoring is a personal habit and has nothing to do with health, but in fact, this kind of thinking is not correct. If you do not have the habit of snoring on weekdays, and you are not very tired recently but snoring frequently, it may be related to excessive uric acid. There is a direct relationship;

Because high uric acid will not only affect the kidneys, but also interfere with the human respiratory system, resulting in the symptoms of snoring.

In general, when uric acid arrives, the body will have various abnormal performances. It is also a signal for help. At this time, we must pay attention to it and use the correct method to reduce the uric acid level.

It is recommended to drink more water on weekdays, and ensure that you drink 2,000 ml of water every day. In this case, you can increase the amount of urine, thereby helping the excretion of uric acid. In addition, you should eat less food with high purine content. Eating more alkaline foods can play a neutralizing role;

The last thing is to exercise, which can not only promote blood circulation, but also control weight. If you stick to it, your uric acid value will definitely drop.