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From 2019 to the present, “up and down”Everyone’s health awareness is getting higher and higherChildren should pay attention to a balanced diet and healthy nutrition Young people want to soak wolfberry in a thermos cupMiddle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to the prevention and control of various chronic diseases… span>As a result, I also learned a lot about healthdiscovered Health ManagerThis certificate is really goodNot only good for health and employment prospects< strong>You can also receive a subsidy of 2000 yuanI have the urge to change jobs after checking the salary of the postThe average monthly salary reaches 8K/monthandzero-based, non-professionalCan also learnYou can also deduct 3600 yuan tax after the test


Now apply for the health management division, easy to pass and can receive 2000 subsidy!

On the occasion of the registration of health managers, in order to facilitate everyone register for exams to get subsidies Four-year teachers answering questionsShare knowledge points

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What is a health manager?

Health managers are professionals engaged in the detection, analysis, assessment of individual and group health, as well as health consultation, guidance and risk factor intervention. It spans multiple disciplines such as medicine, nutrition, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology, rehabilitation and chronic disease management, and is the most in-demand compound talent in the health industry.

To be a health manager is not only to obtain a certificate certified by the National Health Commission, but more importantly, to master a skill. This skill will benefit you, your family, and your friends for life.

And whether you change careers or not, getting a certificate is equivalent to finding a “spare tire” for yourself. Now this is full of competition. Under the stressful social environment, there is no longer a “golden job”, so many incumbents are preparing for a new way out and seeking a second side job.

Benefits of Nursing Health Administrator Certification (In-Hospital)

1 Nursing Jobs

The hospital’s health management center and various patient-centered nursing reforms in various departments will definitely approach this area in the future. Teacher” compound talent model. With the development and progress of society, the role of nurses should not only be limited to clinical care, but should also be extended to elderly care, community care, and continuous care.

2 The need for multi-site practice

Last year, some areas of Anhui launched a pilot program for community senior nurse practitioners, and nurses opened special outpatient clinics for health management. The promotion of these policies will prompt nurses to go to community medical care, elderly care institutions, and health management institutions to engage in related work.

3 Needs for Practice Development , health assessment, etc. will also become one of the development directions of the hospital. With the aggravation of population aging in my country and the gradual deepening of medical reform, even if you work in medical institutions, whether it is required by national policies or economic benefits, health management will definitely become one of the key development directions. It will also become a stage for nurses to demonstrate their professional skills.

4 Stages for Senior Nurses

Senior Nurses have a solid medical foundation and rich clinical experience, and can empower “health management” ”, from clinical nursing work to chronic disease manager, maternal and child nurse, orthopaedic rehabilitation specialist, etc. Senior nurses have the advantages of solid medical foundation and rich clinical experience. “Health Manager + Nurse” has become a family health guardian and a leader in the field of health, effectively prolonging occupational life and quality. The hospital highly recognizes nurses for health management, and patients also agree with nurses empowering health managers from the bottom of their hearts.

Several advantages of nurses transforming into health managers (outside the hospital)

I. Salary improvement

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The following data comes from screenshots of two well-known recruitment websites:

At the same time, with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases in China, the aging population, and the growing number of sub-healthy groups, people’s awareness of health is increasing. Gradually strengthening, prevention is greater than cure has gradually become popular among the people, the state’s strong policy support for the health industry, the treatment of health managers has become one of the emerging high-paying golden occupations strong>.

Second, Necessary certificate for medical promotion

Nowadays, the promotion of nurses requires that there must be a health manager. The health management center of the hospital and various patient-centered nursing reforms in various departments will definitely approach this area in the future. Many hospitals have also started to pilot the multi-talent model of “nurse + health management”. And domestic and foreign experience also suggests that with the development and progress of society, the role of nurses should not only be limited to clinical care, but should also be extended to areas such as elderly care, community care, and continuous care.

What benefits can I get after getting the certificate?

Health managers have one advantage: no registration or continuing education is required, and they can be used after the exam.


With the health manager qualification certificate, you can go to the local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to receive a training subsidy of 2000-4290 yuan;

2022 health manager subsidy Policy

Since the end of 2020, the Health and Health Commission issued a document to cancel the vocational qualification examination. Health managers are now under the unified management of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of each province. The Ministry of Social Affairs appoints a third-party appraisal training. After the reform, many people are asking: Can I still receive state subsidies after registering as a health manager and getting a certificate? Vocational Exam Jun is here to tell you clearly, Yes! Although the examination for health managers is no longer organized by the National Health Commission, is still a national key subsidy certificate. The demand for health managers exceeds 2 million. It will also become a popular industry.

2022How much is the occupational skills subsidy for health managers?

Health Manager Certificate Level 3 are senior employees and can receive corresponding vocational skills subsidies. The skill subsidy is reissued according to the level, divided into five (primary) 1000 yuan, four (intermediate) 1500 yuan, < strong>(Level 3) 2,000 yuanAccording to the standard, the skill subsidy for health managers is 2,000 yuan. Managers are listed as in-demand jobs and are eligible foradditional allowances.

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Learning materials, ways to receive subsidies

Add points:< /p>

Senior health managers are senior workers, subsidized by the state, and in short supply. In some cities, points can be added.

Comments Title:

The certificate of health manager can be added to the hospital’s professional title. Especially nurses are required for promotion and salary increase, and this certificate is also recognized by the hospital’s transfer to logistics administration. Hospitals will increasingly recognize health management certificates.

④Increase in health management departments:

< p>At present, some hospitals have added health management departments, and more hospitals are expected to be established. This department is much stronger and easier than being a clinical nurse. If you have the certificate of a health manager, it is very advantageous to transfer to this department. Xinhuanet reports:


Xiamen has successfully implemented the “three divisions co-management” hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and it is expected that there will be corresponding positions in other provinces. It is much better for nurses to become health managers than to work as clinical nurses.



Health managers are important members of the family doctor service team, who can conduct health education and nursing guidance, and provide patients with comprehensive, personalized and continuous care Serve.

⑦Family Protection

Provide disease prevention for family and friends at all times Knowledge can keep the elderly away from disease, stay healthy and live a long life, keep children healthy physically and mentally, and keep family and friends energetic! In addition, the health manager certificate can also be settled with points to offset benefits such as personal tax.

how to apply for health administrators


How the exam is done

< p>Theoretical Knowledge Exam: Human-Machine Dialogue Exam (120 minutes)

Professional Ability Assessment: Human-Machine Dialogue (120 minutes)

Exam Registration Consultation

Due to the national policy attaches great importance to health management and preventive measures. In the future, as the gold content of the certificate increases, exam standards and requirements will become higher and higher, and the pass rate will decrease accordingly. Professional, age, and examination approval will be more stringent. Therefore, students who have not yet registered but have not submitted materials, please hurry up and seize the opportunity as soon as possible!

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The pass rate of health managers is as high as 98%

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Learning materials, subsidy collection methods

< /p>Free review materialsWith so much content, how to review the fastest? Of course, you need to know how to take the test, and then go to review the key points! There are so many books, so thick, which are the key points?We invite senior teachers to draw the key points for everyone! What to test, how to test, clearly!Teacher The passing rate of the exam is as high as 98%, and they also hit a lot of original questions last year!

Alsofull documentation >, direct printing is the information you can read before the exam! It will also be distributed to everyone, so that everyone can review it.

As well as example explanations, table summary, clear key points, help you save review time!

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