Come check in! 6000 square meters of velvet crape myrtle in full bloom

Yangtze River Daily Wuhan Client, August 4th On August 4th, a small hillside in the Polar Ocean Park in the Dongxihu District was covered with a dazzling “” “Red Velvet Curtain” – the 6,000-square-meter velvet crape myrtle is in full bloom. It is understood that this crape myrtle field was planted last year, and after more than a year of careful maintenance, it has become the most beautiful scenic spot in the park. In order to allow citizens to improve their understanding of plants when viewing flowers, the garden also displayed two posters at the entrance to introduce the knowledge of velvet myrtle in detail.

Velvet crape myrtle was successfully cultivated in the United States in 1996. The new leaves are tender red, the old leaves are dark green, and the rose-red conical inflorescences can reach 50 cm in length. The flowering period can reach 60 to 100 days. (Photograph by reporter Li Yonggang)

[Editor: Wang Rongfei]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]