Check it out! The hidden beauty of Jiading people is just outside the window

Stand by the window,

Watch the sun rise and sunset, watch the clouds light and the wind is light

Both body and mind are relaxed.

Follow Xiaojia to enjoy

The scenery outside the window~

In the unmoored boat in Guyi Garden

Push open the leaky window, what catches your eye is

The lush lotus leaves and blooming lotus flowers in the pond

View from the south of the boat

You can also see a floating pavilion half-floating on the water

Far away from the boat

The pavilions and pavilions of Guyi Garden are mainly buildings of the Ming Dynasty

Various shapes

Reflects the exquisite, free and lively characteristics of Jiangnan garden architecture

Roof small tile, roof ridge color hollow

Various bucket arches, cornices, door and window styles, carvings and decorations

The color of the paint is simple and elegant

Tired of shopping, go to the quaint Nanxiang Old Street

Have a break in the store

Make a pot of tea and chat and laugh with three or two friends

Look at the people coming and going in the old streets and the wine flags fluttering in the alleys

My mind and body slowed down

Climb up the Twin Towers Old Hotel

Brick towers for a panoramic view

The twin towers have survived for thousands of years, but they are still standing

It can be called the symbol of Nanxiang Ancient Town

Second Floor of My Jia Study Room (Mingshiju)

It is definitely the best place to watch Sandalwood Garden

This time this scene

The sandalwood garden seems to be transformed into your private garden

The pane in the study is like a camera’s viewfinder

Have a panoramic view of the sandalwood garden

Through the windows of thousands of Jiading people

Also see

The constant flow of vehicles

Row upon row of high-rise buildings

Large commercial complex…

Beautiful green environment and livable living environment

How can you not like the scenery outside the window~

(Source: Jiading, Shanghai)