“Air Flower Gallery” dresses up the city, Xiamen bougainvillea blossoms bloom all over the bridge

Source: People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Xiamen, August 4th (Chen Bo, Zhang Meng) In midsummer August, bougainvillea blooms in Xiamen. It is reported that on many overpasses such as Hubin South Road, Xianyue Road and Lianqian Road in Xiamen City, bougainvillea stretches and blooms in clusters, covering the overpasses with a thick “flower coat”, just like “flower corridors in the sky” Dressing up the city has attracted many citizens and tourists to stop and take pictures.

According to reports, bougainvillea, also known as triangular flower, bougainvillea, etc., is a vine-like shrub of the purple jasmine family, with the characteristics of long flowering period, many flowers and strong vitality. The common blooming period of “Little Leaf Purple” bougainvillea in Xiamen is from March to April and from the end of October to November; although “Tong’an Red” bougainvillea blooms throughout the year, it usually blooms from March to April and from July to August. It enters the blooming period between 20 to 30 days.