CCTV direct hit: People who walk for a long time finally become like this (shock!)

With the development of technology and medicine, fewer and fewer people should get sick.

However, why are there so many patients in hospitals? Why do so many people feel uncomfortable all the time?

To this, an oncologist told the big truth: Doctors can cure your disease, but they can’t cure your life.

Shang Shu, an oncologist at the Fifth People’s Hospital of Shenyang, said in Beijing Satellite TV’s “I Am a Speaker”:

“Doctors and medicine can only temporarily solve your pain; advanced equipment and imported drugs cannot be your umbrella. Only by respecting your own life and restraining your desires can you Make your life safer and more quality.”

Health is ultimately up to you. A healthy lifestyle is the best vaccine for disease prevention.

The best doctor is yourself, and the best exercise is walking. The person who walks for a long time is the person who can maintain health best.

One, walk and practice the whole body, stay away from the three highs and terminal illnesses

Walking is known as one of the best exercise methods in the 21st century, because it is not limited by time and space, and the walking speed can be fast or slow, so as to achieve different fitness effects.

Don’t think that walking is a simple exercise for the lower body, many studies have confirmed that regular walking can effectively exercise all parts of the body:

Mind—Prompts the brain to release endorphins, which improve mood.

Lungs – Increases lung capacity and reduces cravings in smokers.

Back – Strengthens the back muscles with less damage to the back.

Legs and Feet – Walking is the equivalent of strength training for the bones, which can significantly strengthen the bones and muscles of the legs and feet.

If you walk 7 hours a week (divided into days), you can:

1. Reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and heart disease by 30%.

2. Pancreatic cancer risk is reduced by 50%.

3. The risk of death can be reduced by 50%.

4. If cancer occurs, people who walk regularly have a 57% lower cancer progression than people who don’t exercise.

Walking for an hour a day can:

1. It has a 50% preventive effect on type 2 diabetes.

2. Reduces the risk of breast cancer by 12% for women of any age.

Walk for ten minutes a day to:

1. For the elderly over 60 years old, walking for more than 45 minutes three days a week can help maintain better cognitive function and avoid dementia.

2. Walking 20 minutes a day can help prevent premature death from cancer, heart disease and stroke each year.

Second, walking speed can predict longevity

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have combined nine studies to conclude that walking speed can be a good predictor of longevity:

The average walking speed is 0.9 meters per second;

A person walking slower than 0.6 meters per second is more likely to die;

People who walk faster than 1 meter per second live longer.

When walking, 60% to 70% of the human body’s muscle groups participate in activities, which require a lot of physical energy, including the respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system. Support and cooperation of multiple organ systems.

On the one hand, the slow walking speed reflects that the old man’s body system has been damaged, and on the other hand, it also shows that he needs to consume more energy when walking, so the walking speed can predict the longevity. effect.

Third, walking like this is better than a thousand medicines

There is no medicine that can cure all diseases. Exercise is by no means a medicine. The comprehensiveness of the impact of exercise on the body cannot be replaced by any medicine.

1. “Sweat” every day, the blood vessels have good elasticity

Sweat consists of 98% water and 2% urea, uric acid, lactic acid, and salt. Sweating not only cools the human body, but more importantly, many wastes in the human body, such as lactic acid, uric acid and other wastes and even toxins, cannot be completely excreted through stool and urine, but must be excreted through sweat glands.

Do not run too fast, and do not walk too slow, because when jogging or walking fast, the human body will inhale several times to dozens of times more oxygen than usual, causing the organs of the whole body to breathe. Works better and stimulates the immune system.

Hua Tuo has a saying that “if you shake, the grain will be dissipated, the blood will flow, and the disease will not be born.” Make blood vessels more elastic.

2. To prevent sudden death, if you can walk, don’t take a car

Medical statistics show that one person dies from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every 12 seconds in our country. The most powerful thing now is that the high incidence age is between 35 and 45 years old, and these people have no signs in front of them. For example, when they are walking, their heads fall.

Prevention is simple:

If you can walk, you must walk. If you can run, you must run. If you can’t drive, you must ride a bicycle. If you see stairs, you must refuse the elevator. This is the principle.

Dedicate enough time each day. For example, you can do aerobic exercise from seven to eight o’clock in the evening to ninety o’clock.

3. Protecting the stomach: twisting and walking every day

The most fearful thing when walking is that the stomach does not move here. If the abdomen does not move, it will bring a lot of trouble. This group of people has a high incidence of constipation, rectal cancer and colon cancer.

Start today, do an exercise, put your hands on your hips, put your feet together, and use your abdominal strength to “rock from side to side”, don’t sit all the time while watching TV, just do this for 15 minutes That’s it.

If you wriggle like this every night on your walk, you’ll find that you go to the bathroom faster the next day, which has an irreplaceable effect on your gut health.

4. Exercise chest and lungs: count one, two, three, four while walking

As long as a person coughs, the lungs must be in trouble. Ten sick seniors were admitted to the hospital, and eight or nine did not die from his disease, but all ended up dying from lung infections and impaired lung function.

How to exercise? Count in your heart when you walk every day. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, and four represent four steps. The first, second, and third steps are breathing. Spit out in four steps, exaggerate the movements a little, keep your body straight, and don’t hunch your back.

5. Diabetes: Do more walking

Many people with diabetes have developed the habit of taking large strides every day, and it would be better if they did more bends while walking.

The trick is to take a big step forward first, then bend the front leg into a lunge, keep the thigh parallel to the ground, hold for a second or two, and then Go forward and switch to the other leg.

As long as you keep walking like this for 5~10 minutes every day, your thigh muscles will become better and better, and developed muscles are “natural sugar control drugs”, which can better control blood sugar.

6. Waist reduction: Knock away

Being fat all over the body is a disease, but a fat belly is fatal.

Women over 80 centimeters and men over 85 centimeters may be at risk of excess visceral fat.

When walking, adding some movements (such as tapping the pulse of the belt) can help reduce waist circumference very well.

With a pulse, it is equivalent to the “roundabout” on the road. Vehicles in all directions must pass through the “roundabout”. If the roundabout is blocked, other roads will not be able to walk. Hit the left and right waist with one hand for half an hour every day to ensure that the waistline drops rapidly.

Reminder: Walk with your head held high like a soldier. If you keep your head down, it will increase the burden on the spine and affect the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. When walking, your heels should touch the ground, but your heels will not touch the ground. For example, women who often wear high heels will affect the arch of the foot.

Folk: There is an old saying that “one hundred practice goes first”.

Long-term hiking has a great effect on the whole heart and lung function.

Doctors can only cure your disease, but not your life. You have to manage your health by yourself. Get up every day, get rid of the three highs, and stay away from terminal illnesses without spending a day. Where can I find such a good thing!

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