What fruits are healthier to eat instead of dinner?

As health has become an enduring topic of modern people, many people think that they can’t eat too much for dinner, so they choose to replace it with fruits. So how healthy is it? Is it worth admiring?

First, replace dinner with fruit. Since fruit is generally low in calories, there will be significant weight loss in the short term, but this practice is not recommended, strong>Because of using fruit instead of dinner, energy is not enough and nutrition is not enough.

Fruit is indeed a very beneficial food. Generally speaking, fruit mainly refers to juicy and mainly sweet and sour taste, edible plant fruit, which is an important part of the diet. In order to improve the health status of residents and meet the human body’s needs for nutrients, the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention issued the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016)”, suggesting that healthy adults should consume 200-350g of fruit per day [1]. However, you should not only eat fruits for dinner, because dinner is one of the three meals a day, according to the dietary system of three meals a day for most residents in our country, breakfast should account for 20% of the total calories in the whole day~ 30%, 35% to 45% for lunch, and 25% to 35% for dinner [2]. Fruits are rich in vitamins and water, but generally low in calories, so they are not suitable as dinner food, and do not meet the standards of scientific dietary structure, that is, dinner has adequate energy and comprehensive nutrition.

Scientific and nutritious dinner choices should include a variety of foods and complete nutrition, ensuring the intake of various nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. The most suitable time to eat fruits , it should be the snack time in the morning or afternoon, This can not only control the amount of the main meal, but also ensure comprehensive nutrition.

The author of this issue: Pang Xinqi

Editor: Jiang Tingting


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