Li Shizhen tells you why you don’t get sick, keep it well and don’t lose it

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1. Don’t wash your hair when you’re full, don’t take a bath when you’re hungry. Wash your face with cold water for beauty and health care. Don’t pour cold water when you sweat. Brush your teeth with warm water to prevent allergies.

2. Eat rice with bran, eat vegetables with side. Men don’t leave leeks, women don’t leave lotus root. Green carrots, raw and cooked tonic. Can’t eat enough Don’t lie down when you’re full.

3. Move, cultivate the mind in tranquility. If the mind is not pure, thoughts will arise. When the mind is peaceful, where does the disease come from? Close your eyes and rest your mind, calm your mind and improve your wisdom.

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4. Medicine tonic, food tonic, don’t forget to tonic. Wealth is grass, body is treasure. It is better not to eat .Fried and marinated, it is better to eat less.

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5. Stinky fish and rotten shrimps kill enemies. Take food at room temperature, and the whole body will be spring. Don’t freeze your teeth when it’s cold, don’t burn your lips when it’s hot. Eat when things are cooked, water Let’s start drinking.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat. Diet is moderate, daily life is time. The head should be cold and the feet should be warm. Contentment is always happy, nothing is always safe.

7. Keeping healthy is working hard, and nourishing the mind is quiet.

8. When people get old, they must exercise, walk and jog , practicing boxing and dancing swords; don’t be afraid of the severe cold, clean the courtyard, add fun to painting, and be broad-minded;

9. Smell the chicken and dance, don’t be greedy for the bed, plant flowers and birds, study books and read articles; play chess and sing opera, don’t be greedy in sex, don’t read about private affairs, don’t take advantage of cheap;

10. It is important to exercise regularly, to feel happy, to live long and healthy; Don’t be angry, don’t be too biased, don’t make too much tea, don’t read aloud when studying;

11. Don’t eat too much, eat less dinner, don’t talk when you eat, don’t smoke; low salt and sugar, don’t eat too salty, eat less fat, don’t eat too much;

12. Three meals a day, adjusted appropriately, vegetables and fruits, eat more without defense; go to sleep on time, regularly Get up, get up slowly, do not rush;

13. Don’t drink too much, don’t seek fame and wealth, don’t be idle, and have a broad mind.

14. No disease in the heart, early prevention, psychological Good health and body; mind balance, you must know, emotional stability and less disease;

15. Exercise the body, exercise and stillness, live a flexible life and strengthen the mind; eat and nourish, be full, and the internal organs can be easily dredged;

16. People are angry, easy to age, and vent their laughter appropriately; tasting calligraphy and painting, fishing by the stream, choosing hobbies freely;

17. Use your brain, not tired, sleepy and restful; Be regular, exercise well, and coordinate your normal life;

18. Rub your hands frequently to strengthen your brain and prevent chilblains and colds.

19. Summer does not sleep on stones, autumn does not sleep on boards . The navel is not exposed in spring, and the head is not covered in winter. More movement during the day, less dreaming at night.

20. Washing your feet before going to bed is better than taking tonics. Open the window at night, and it smells good all the time. If you are greedy for coolness and lose your cover, it’s strange if you don’t get sick.

21. Early to bed and early to rise, refreshed, greedy Sleeping too much in the room, increasing illness and reducing age. Teeth grinding at night, worms crawling in stomach.

22. Eating a pig a day is worse than snoring in bed .

23. Eat a sheep for three days, it is better to wash Put your feet back on the bed.

24. If you don’t choose the right pillow, the more you sleep, the more you will sleep tired. Sleep the heart first, then sleep the person, and sleep to make a beautiful woman.

25. ​​Head against the wind, warm; feet against the wind, please doctor.

26. Don’t sleep in the alley, the most poisonous draft.

27. Sleep without lighting, get up early without dizziness.

28. If you want to sleep easily, don’t turn your feet to the west and your head to the east.

1. Tomatoes have four chambers, and are Red, which is the same as our heart. Experiments have proved that tomatoes are full of lycopene, and patients with high cholesterol may wish to eat more if they want to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. A cut carrot is like a human eye, with pupils, irises and radiating lines. Scientific research shows that a large amount of carotene can promote blood flow to the eyes, protect eyesight and make eyes brighter.

3. The hanging bunch of grapes has the shape of a heart, and each grape is like a red blood cell. Grape juice is rich in polyphenols, which can help the body fight cardiovascular disease.

4. Walnut is like a miniature brain, with left hemisphere, right hemisphere, upper cerebrum and lower cerebellum. Even its folds or folds resemble the cerebral cortex. At present, humans have known that walnuts contain more than 36 neurotransmitters, which can help develop brain function.

5. Beans such as broad beans are shaped like human kidneys, and they can indeed help maintain kidney function.

6, celery and many other root vegetables look like human bones, and theyReally strengthens bones. Human bones contain 23% sodium, and these foods also contain 23% sodium.

7. Avocado is the most uterus-like among all kinds of pears, which can protect the health of women’s uterus and cervix. Studies have shown that women who eat an avocado a week can balance estrogen, lose excess birth weight, and prevent cervical cancer. The amazing thing is that the growth period of avocado from flowering to ripening and fruiting is exactly 9 months.

8. Like a man’s testicles, figs are full of seeds, and they grow in pairs. Studies have shown that figs can enhance sperm motility in men, increase sperm count, and treat male infertility.

9, sweet potato looks like a pancreas, in fact, it can really balance the glycemic index of diabetic patients.

10. Women’s ovaries are only as big as olives, but they are the organs most prone to tumors, and tumors There are also the most types, with more than 30 kinds. Eating more olives is helpful for ovarian health and prevents various ovarian tumors.

11. Oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits look like women’s breasts. In fact, they aid in the health of the breasts and the flow of lymph fluid in and out of the breasts. Oranges have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, containing more than 170 different phytochemicals. When eating, do not throw away the tangerine, which can relieve the symptoms of breast hyperplasia.

12. The texture of onion looks like human cells. Studies have shown that it can remove garbage and harmful free radicals in all cells of the body.

The gift of nature to human beings, caring for the environment is protecting oneself, it is amazing! The best supplements are not in pharmacies or shopping malls, but in In the fruit shop.

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