Causes of eczema Simple analysis of the factors of eczema for you

Eczema is a very common disease. Although it is not serious, it can also cause trouble to people. After getting eczema, there will be many symptoms in the body. Everyone should pay attention to it. There are many causes of eczema in people, from dietary problems to environmental factors. What should I do if I find out that I have eczema?

Causes of eczema

1. Dietary factors, there are many types of food, which mainly include plants, animals, etc. Now there are some chemically synthesized foods in the diet, such as acetic acid, flavors, etc., but we must know that these foods are very allergic. Eczema may occur, and the most common cause of allergic reactions is protein foods.

2. Environmental factors, pollution is very serious now, and there are many chemical products, which can lead to eczema. Eczema is mainly divided into acute and chronic. Species, as well as the environment and living habits will also affect the body, which will cause eczema, as well as climate problems, such as smog and other irritation.

3. Living and eating habits, some people will have eczema, which is mainly related to living and eating habits. If you often eat spicy and irritating food, it will cause irritation to the skin, and often drink alcohol, or eat Foods that contain artificial colors and flavorings, which can trigger eczema.

4. Drug factor, which is the main cause of eczema-type drug eruption. Any drug can cause eczema-like drug eruption. Commonly used ethylenediamine antihistamines, procaine, water Sylic acid, etc.

Symptoms of eczema

1. Polymorphism: The manifestations of eczema are also varied . Clinically, it can be divided into primary rash and secondary rash. The primary rash includes papules, blisters, etc., and the secondary may manifest as erosion, exudation, etc. Patients usually develop primary rash and secondary rash at the same time.

2. Persistence: The eczema part develops to another part when the eczema disease occurs, and it will recur repeatedly for a long time, and the symptoms are not easy to be eliminated. If eczema is not treated in time in the acute phase, the condition will turn into chronic. If it is not handled properly during this period, it will lead to an acute attack.

3. Exudative: exudates usually appear in the affected part of eczema patients, which is the main basis for clinical diagnosis of this disease. If the eczema disease is treated for that week, the affected area will often appear very dry, and during the acute attack, the patient’s friend may still have exudate.