Can’t stop premature ejaculation? A prescription for nourishing the heart, spleen, and kidney, nourishing and solidifying, and clearing up the diseases of flaccidity and weakness

When talking about the relationship between husband and wife, middle-aged couples are probably the ones who feel the deepest. They all say that marriage is a siege, people inside want to get out, and people outside want to get in. In fact, a good relationship between husband and wife is good for both mental and physical health. Why do you say that? Nowadays, many couples are like roommates who share a house. There is some overlap in daily life, but not much, and the hearts of the two are getting farther and farther away. After a long time, each other feels that life is so boring. However, in the end, you will find that when your children grow up and start a family, you will find that your wife or husband is your only support in life. Husband and wife is you trouble me, I trouble you, do not dislike each other. If you can’t do this, then you should reflect on whether you need to make some changes, otherwise when life encounters troubles, the kind of helpless despair is really bitter.

Today, The reason why I had such a feeling was because I met a patient earlier. The patient’s surname is Zhang, 43 years old. Mr. Zhang is a regional manager. His child is in junior high school. He is very busy at work and is his wife Living and studying in the care of children. Mr. Zhang said that when he was young, he and his wife were in free love. At that time, the relationship between the two people was very good. It is impossible to imagine the current situation. It turned out that Mr. Zhang and his wife had a small quarrel for two days, a big quarrel for three days, and sometimes separated. Mr. Zhang knows how dissatisfied his wife is with him. He also admits that he is a workaholic. It is no problem to work more than ten hours a day. Mr. Zhang said that he is all for this family. Now there are several houses in the family. Years of hard work day and night, what did you earn? However, Mr. Zhang’s wife thinks that there is no difference between her current self and her widowed spouse. Mr. Zhang is under a lot of pressure on weekdays, and he often quarrels with his wife, so he uses that aspect to relieve pressure.

But the first paragraph Over time, Mr. Zhang found that he seemed to have premature ejaculation, which made him not know how to face his wife, let alone have a “life” with his wife easily, and he was very tired, and his usual work was very out of shape , Quarrels with his wife have also become more frequent. Mr. Zhang also took a lot of medicines for premature ejaculation in private, but the more he took, the weaker his body became. So, after a friend’s introduction, he found me. After learning about his general condition, I showed him the tongue coating and checked the pulse. I found that the patient’s coating was thin and white, and the pulse was deep and thready. From the perspective of the patient’s personal situation, it is mainly a series of symptoms caused by insufficient kidney qi, but the patient’s long-term restlessness and fatigue indicate that the patient’s heart and spleen also have a certain degree of deficiency. Therefore, I prescribed a prescription for the patient to supplement the kidney qi, while also taking into account the nourishment of the heart and the spleen. Syndrome differentiation addition and subtraction of sealwort, oyster, etc., the patient took two courses of treatment, the situation of premature ejaculation has been greatly improved, and all symptoms disappeared after one course of treatment.

During the follow-up visit, the patient said that he had done a lot of self-reflection so far. He spent less and less time with his family. He originally thought that his wife could not understand him, but now he needs to understand each other if he wants a harmonious husband and wife. After recovering from the illness, the patient continued to change himself, found a balance between life and work, and his relationship with his wife improved a lot. And the patient’s wife gradually understood his difficulty.

Husband and wife are like this. If they want to go on in the long run, not only should they not dislike each other, but they must also be considerate of each other. I hope that fans and friends will not wait until they are sick to understand this.

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