alert! Improper neck massage can lead to stroke

With the growing number of “head bowing people”, cervical spondylosis has gradually become a common disease. Many office workers often choose to go to massage parlors to relax after work, because massage brings immediate comfort. However, improper massage not only fails to relieve pain, but can also lead to stroke.

1. Why does cervical spine massage cause stroke?

There are four arteries in the human neck that supply blood to the brain, namely two internal carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries. All four arteries are easily squeezed and pulled by external forces, which can cause the intima to tear and form a dissecting aneurysm. According to statistics, 10%-20% of young and middle-aged strokes are caused by vertebral artery dissection. In many cases, neck massage that makes people shout “sour and refreshing” may cause excessive stretching of the carotid artery, thinning and rupture of the intima of the blood vessel, resulting in the formation of arterial intima dissection. If the massage technique is not regular, it may lead to arterial dissection and thrombosis.

Second, don’t go to massage this place easily

Put your hands on your neck, you can Feel the carotid artery 0.5cm next to the Adam’s apple. This is a fairly obvious large blood vessel, which originates from the aorta of the heart and supplies blood to the left and right hemispheres. Therefore, to stay away from cerebral artery dissection, doctors suggest:

1. Do less neck massage and massage, and avoid bowing or raising your head for a long time, so as not to compress the carotid artery and cause a stroke. If you have to do massage for beauty, you might as well use a soft pillow on the back of the neck to reduce the angle of the back, reduce the possibility of cerebral artery compression, and reduce the probability of blood vessel injury. For neck massage, you must go to a regular hospital to find a specialist.

2. Avoid excessive stretching of the neck during exercise. Under the action of strong external force, Normal carotid arteries can also tear the intima of the vessel wall, causing carotid dissection. It is common in neck massage, ice skating, playing badminton, tennis, yoga, riding a roller coaster or even turning around suddenly. The carotid arteries run on the anterolateral side of the neck, so it is important to avoid overtouching or pulling on the anterolateral part of the neck when participating in the above activities.

3. When moving the neck, do not bend back or turn more than 15 degrees.

4. Carotid artery dissection is hidden, sometimes without any symptoms or only with mild headache, which is difficult to detect. Sometimes patients will suddenly appear symptoms such as facial paralysis and hemiplegia after violent impact and exercise.

Once you find persistent head and neck pain and abnormal vision (entropion, ptosis), you must find a regular medical institution for neck vascular assessment as soon as possible.

Third, these people are not suitable for neck massage

1, Three High crowd

Three high crowds themselves have atherosclerotic changes, and blood vessels are more likely to be damaged.

2. Patients with cervical spondylosis

The traction physiotherapy for patients with cervical spondylosis must be Intense or irregular massage in the hospital may damage the blood vessels in the neck, or aggravate the compression of the intervertebral disc, leading to acute cerebrovascular disease in the front and rear circulation.

Finally, patients with other risk factors such as osteoporosis, oral contraceptives, Patients with migraine, muscle fiber dysplasia, cervical dislocation, and cerebrovascular disease should avoid blind massage.

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