Flunarizine can improve blood supply to the brain and treat 4 diseases, but 3 types of people should be used with caution

Introduction: In our daily life, many middle-aged and elderly people have experienced dizziness and headaches, and some people will also It is accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia and dreaminess, tinnitus, irritability, irritability, memory loss, and inability to concentrate. In fact, most of these phenomena are caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

For the treatment of cerebral insufficiency, the commonly used drug in clinical practice is flunarizine,This It is one of the commonly used drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to relevant clinical studies, it has been proved that the drug flunarizine can significantly expand the brain Blood vessels, especially for those basilar arteries and arteries, can quickly improve our brain blood supply problems, and can help solve various diseases such as insufficient blood supply to the brain.

How does flunarizine work pharmacologically?

In fact, the essence of flunarizine is a calcium channel blocker, which can bind to the calcium channel on the cell and block the The influx of calcium ions induced by ischemia and hypoxia can effectively protect the functionality and integrity of cell structures.

In addition, the drug flunarizine can effectively improve the state of vasospasm, especially For those inflammatory reactions, or persistent vasospasm caused by vasoconstrictor substances,has a very good and obvious long-term inhibitory effect.

Especially for some vertebral arteries and internal carotid arteries< /span>, so the drug flunarizine can help improve people’s brain blood supply problems.

Secondly, Fluocin Lizine is a drug that can effectively improve vestibular function and help enhance the blood flow of cochlear arterioles to improve vestibular circulation, so flunarizine can effectively treat vestibular Nausea, dizziness and other problems caused by dysfunction.

Finally, the drug also has a very good protective effect on central nervous cells, which can prevent It is concluded that due to pathological, nerve cell damage caused by calcium ion overload,can effectively prevent abnormal discharge of central nervous cells.

How fast does flunarizine work?

The drug flunarizine has a very fast onset time,Generally two days after oral administration of the drug It can play a corresponding role in about an hour.

But if you want to achieve a long-term therapeutic purpose, you need to take fluocinine continuously It takes about four weeks for Lizine to achieve its effect.

In addition, flunarizine is a drug that can act on the central system Drugs, whose efficacy can pass through the blood-brain barrier, have a certain affinity for the blood vessels of the head and face, and have very little effect on blood vessels in other parts of the body.

Flunarizine can improve blood supply to the brain and treat 4 diseases


Migraine is a very common type of pain in daily life. A good therapeutic effect can only be achieved when taking certain drugs.

The drug flunarizine is one of the commonly used clinical drugs for the treatment and prevention of migraineFor frequent headaches, dizziness and other symptoms , can be relieved by taking flunarizine.


Clinically, flunarizine is often used to treat epilepsy, but in the treatment of It is not the main drug for a disease, but just an auxiliary treatment drug.

Flunarizine can help relieve dizziness, dizziness and nausea after seizuresDiscomfort.

Digestive tract discomfort

If your diet is not regular, and you often experience heartburn, significantly reduced food intake, and weight gain, You can also take flunarizine for improvement.

Flunarizine can improve people’s digestive function,< /span>Helps promote gastrointestinal motility and helps improve symptoms of digestive discomfort.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

A variety of metabolic disorders in the body of diabetic patients are abnormal, which can lead to lesions in peripheral nerve fibers.

The drug flunarizine can inhibit nerve cell membrane receptor dependence , can also open calcium ion channels, has a very good effect on nerve protection, and can solve diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Although flunarizine is good, it should be used with caution in 3 types of people

1. For patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage, it must be avoided Use flunarizine;

2. Patients who are allergic to flunarizine or any excipients of this product , flunarizine must be banned;

3, Parkinson’s disease, history of depression and other vertebral diseases For patients with symptoms of external diseases, flunarizine should be banned.

When taking flunarizine reasonably, you need to pay attention to these 3 points

Pay attention to combined medication

Do not combine flunarizine with sedatives and hypnotics Take it at the same time, Otherwise, it will easily aggravate the inhibitory reaction of the central nervous system.

< span>In addition, flunarizine is not suitable to be taken together with anticoagulant drugs, otherwise the two will interact with each other and easily aggravate blood vessel bleeding.

Pay attention to dosage and method

The usage and dosage of the medicine are also very critical. If you take too little, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of the medicine, but also difficult to relieve the disease.

Conversely, if you take too much medicine, it will not only easily cause side effects , It will also easily bring troubles that are not worth the candle.

So dosage and method are particularly critical Generally, doctors recommend that when taking flunarizine, 5 mg to 10 mg each time, for patients over 65 years old, it is fixed at 5 mg each time, and it is recommended that everyone take it at night.

Pay attention to the time of taking

After taking drugs, it is easy to cause adverse reactions such as drowsiness,So drivers and machines should be used with caution , It is recommended that you take flunarizine at night.

Can flunarizine be taken for a long time?

The doctor replied: Flunarizine can be taken for a long time, but need to pay attention to drug dosage and related adverse reactions.

Clinically, long-term use of flunarizine is mainly used to treat migraine problems, while the general population When taking flunarizine, you can take two capsules every night, and see if the symptoms are relieved after 4 weeks of continuous treatment.

When there is insufficient blood supply to the brain, it is recommended that you keep the treatment cycle within two months. To be controlled, it is recommended not to take it continuously for more than two months.

Generally speaking, the time of taking it depends on the individual situation, so everyone must take it Ask yourself if it is suitable for long-term use.

Long-term use of flunarizine, you need to pay attention to these adverse reactions

1. The common adverse reactions of flunarizine are gastrointestinal adverse reactions, such as Abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, etc.;

2. In addition, symptoms such as rash, dry mouth, and muscle soreness will easily appear;

3. A small number of patients are prone to extrapyramidal system reactions, such as mandibular movement disorders, rigid movements, limb tremors, involuntary movements, etc.;

4. Long-term use of flunarizine can easily induce depression, so it is not suitable for patients with depression to take this drug.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, flunarizine is a common drug for treating cerebral insufficiency, although this The effect of this drug is very good, but it is not taken by everyone, so before taking it, you must consult a specialist doctor and proceed reasonably under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the adverse reactions and side effects of the drug.