What is the best way to feed gilts? Can gilts eat lactation feed?

If you want to increase the profit of the farm, you must raise sows well, and the breeding work of sows must be done well from the backup period, so what should the backup sows do? How to feed and what kind of feed is better? Today we will talk about this topic.

1. Can gilts eat lactation feed?

Gilts should try not to eat lactation feed, but feed special feed for gilts. Because the nutritional needs of gilts and lactating sows are not the same, if the gilts are given the lactation amount, the reproductive system of the sow may not be fully developed. It can be used for gilts: Little Shepherd Feed-4% gilt premix, mixed with 59% corn, 17% soybean meal, 20% bran, so that the feed can supplement corresponding energy and protein for gilts .

In addition, we can also give gilts a long-term use: Sow Taibao + Duowei Taibao, to supplement vitamins and replenish qi and blood for sows, which can enhance the physique of gilts , so that the gilts can be mated and reproduced smoothly in the future.

Second, how to raise gilts?

1. Proper exercise, many farms now raise sows in captivity, which will lead to low exercise of sows, but if If the amount of exercise of the sow is too low, it is easy to cause the sow to not go into heat, so the sow can be properly exercised every day. If the sow has no other problems, but the sow does not go into heat for a long time, it can be used for the sow: Wangqing Taibao, The use of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the estrus of sows will not affect the normal reproduction of sows.

2. Control the feeding amount, the body condition of gilts should not be too fat, and Don’t be too thin, it will affect the success rate of subsequent breeding. Generally, the total amount of rations for gilts can be controlled at 1.5-3 kg, and it can be controlled according to the body condition of sows. The daily feeding amount of gilts with normal body condition is 2.5 kg. Too fat or too thin will cause The sows are not in heat or the success rate of mating is low.

3. Reasonable grouping

Many farms may raise gilts individually, but this method is not conducive to the early estrus of sows. Therefore, we can raise them in groups according to the breed, size, and body condition of sows. Large groups are more efficient. It is beneficial to let the sows go into estrus as soon as possible, thereby increasing the utilization rate of sows.

The above is about the feeding and management of gilts. During the breeding process, we need Do a good job in all aspects of sow feeding and management, referring to the above points, I believe it will be of great help.