Tinnitus is not an ear disease, the root of the disease lies in the disorder of the internal organs

Tinnitus is a disease caused by non-organic diseases, and it is a kind of intractable disease. Many people once thought that it could not be cured and could only adapt to it. Connected, once there is a problem with one, it will affect the ear.

In addition to the breathing air, the human body also runs the internal organs, for example, we often say Heart Qi, Kidney Qi, Stomach Qi, etc. The qi of the five internal organs gathers in the spleen and stomach, and then is driven by the spleen and stomach. The five internal organs both support and restrict each other.

One. Spleen and Stomach

The spleen is responsible for promoting clearness, and the stomach is responsible for reducing turbidity. Insufficiency of the spleen means that the clear yang qi does not rise, the ear orifices are blocked, the stomach is injured and the turbid yin qi rises, the middle qi sinks and the liver and kidney are involved, and the normal balance function of the human body is broken. At this time, people’s ears will be stuffy and swollen, and tinnitus More than that, hearing loss. Therefore, the cause of tinnitus is not actually a problem with the ears, but a deviation in the functions of the spleen, stomach, and other viscera.

2. Kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, governing the bone to produce marrow, and opening to the ear. The ear is an auditory organ, and the hearing ability of the ear can reflect the functions of organs such as the kidney and brain, because the relationship between the kidney and the ear is realized through the relationship between the bladder and the brain. And the kidney qi is also filled into the ears, thus playing the role of hearing. The root cause of tinnitus is deficiency of kidney qi, which can cause tinnitus, hearing loss, deafness, etc., so it is necessary to distinguish the symptoms during treatment.

3. Liver

The liver is the cardinal organ, governing catharsis and regulating emotions. Failure of emotions will lead to stagnation of liver qi, and stagnation of qi will lead to blood stasis. When the ear orifices are nourished, tinnitus and hearing loss will occur.

Four. Lungs

Whether the lung qi is smooth or not, it will also be reflected in the ears. Due to the function of the lungs, if the lung qi is blocked, the qi, blood and body fluid cannot reach the ears, and tinnitus will occur. The lungs govern the qi of the whole body, and when the lung qi is stagnated, the ears will also be stagnated, resulting in tinnitus and deafness.

Find out the relationship between tinnitus and the five internal organs, so that everyone can better understand the cause of tinnitus, and can better identify the cause in the treatment and conditioning.

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