Can eating pig skin “anti-aging”? Doctor: I don’t want to be called “yellow-faced woman”, 4 things may be eaten often

For some female friends, now they are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of their skin and body, especially after the age of 30, the collagen in the body will If there is loss, skin aging will occur at this time, which is also something that most girls are unwilling to accept.

However, aging is something everyone needs to experience, and women also face aging as they age. problem, so all women get together, and the issue to discuss is the topic of anti-aging.

Some women may choose to go to beauty salons to take care of their skin with some medical and aesthetic methods, and some women may Recuperating through diet, some women suggest that eating some pig skins can help supplement collagen and have a beauty and anti-aging effect. So is this statement true or false? Take a look.

Women begin to age, most of them have 5 “ugly states”, you might as well test yourself

< p data-track="7">1. Hair loss

< span>For some female friends, with age, hair loss and hair loss will gradually occur, which is also the beginning of aging.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the essence of kidney qi is in the hair”, and women suffer from hair loss and kidney function degradation. There are also certain connections. This also shows that women’s kidney function degenerates as they get older, so they should also pay attention to proper self-care and care of the kidneys in peacetime.

2. Longer teeth

For women, the gap between the teeth will also become larger at the beginning of aging. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the teeth are the bones, and the kidneys are the main sources of bone marrow. This is due to aging and the loss of kidney qi, which can easily affect the growth of teeth.

This will cause the gums to recede, the teeth become longer, and the gap between the teeth will become larger. It is also a sign that women are beginning to age, so they should pay attention to proper maintenance of themselves in peacetime, and insist on brushing their teeth in the morning and evening.

3. Bigger nostrils

When women are young, their noses are generally tall and straight, but with age, the collagen in the body gradually loses, and the cartilage tissue that supports the nose also degenerates.

At this time, the nose will collapse and the nostrils will become larger, which is also one of the reasons why women begin to age. Important performance, so pay attention to proper maintenance in peacetime.

4. Sagging hips

When women begin to age, their buttocks will gradually sag and the buttocks will become larger. This is because of aging, the metabolic capacity is reduced, and the toxins are accumulated in the body. It is easy to cause abdominal obesity and also lead to the problem of enlarged buttocks.

, coupled with long-term sedentary and lack of exercise, can lead to fat accumulation, excessive collagen loss, and hip There will also be problems of sagging, relaxation and deformation, so women should also pay attention to proper exercise in peacetime.

5. Inflexible legs< /span>

As the saying goes: “Old people age first”, for women, when they start to age, their legs will also Obvious changes often occur in the legs and feet.

And with age, the uterus and ovaries degenerate, and the secretion of estrogen in the body decreases, which also promotes calcium Excessive loss of quality will lead to the problem of osteoporosis, so women should pay attention to proper calcium supplementation in peacetime to protect bones.

Therefore, when women begin to age, the above abnormal manifestations are relatively obvious. I hope you can pay attention to them in peacetime. Take proper care of yourself, but is it true or false that some women say that eating pig skin can resist aging?

Can eating pork skin “anti-aging”?

Although there is indeed a certain amount of collagen in pig skin, this collagen can indeed repair the skin, improve skin elasticity, and delay aging Effect.

However, the content of these collagens in pig skin is relatively small, so it cannot directly act on the skin After being ingested into the body, it is also digested and absorbed by the intestinal tract.

In addition, the cholesterol and fat content in pig skin is relatively high. Excessive intake will cause Obesity actually accelerates the speed of skin aging, so pigskin is not able to play an anti-aging effect. I hope you will not be fooled again.

And for women, if you are getting older, if you don’t want to age too fast, the following foods may help you .

Doctor: I don’t want to be called “yellow-faced woman”, 4 things may be eaten regularly

1, deep sea fish

Like fish, which is rich in omega 3 fats, it can help strengthen collagen and maintain the skin.

And it does not contain vitamin A and vitamin E, and the fat content is relatively small, so there is no need to worry about gaining weight. , can help play an anti-aging effect.

So for women, if they are old and don’t want to be called a yellow-faced woman, they insist on eating some Deep-sea fish can help delay the aging of the skin, help improve the skin’s protective layer, avoid ultraviolet radiation, and make the skin firmer and smoother.

2, broccoli

Broccoli is a common cruciferous vegetable in life. It is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and expel toxins and waste from the body. Has the effect of losing weight.

At the same time, it can also help improve skin elasticity and lighten facial wrinkles and spots. Women may often Eat some to help maintain your skin and keep you looking younger and more charismatic.

3, Pueraria

Pueraria, a Chinese herbal medicine, has a relatively high nutritional value. It is rich in amino acids, proteins and a variety of nutrients, and the flavonoids in it can help women supplement estrogen and play a role in Skin care effect.

Help women fight against the speed of aging, so if women don’t want to be called yellow-faced women, stick to using some kudzu, Helps maintain the skin and slow down the aging process.

4, peach gum

In fact, for some female friends, if they don’t want to find themselves prematurely due to aging, they can also choose to eat some peach gum. Peach gum also has a certain significant effect in skin care. Effect.

can help replenish the required collagen, improve skin elasticity, and reduce facial wrinkles and dark spots , so that women have smooth skin, so do not want to be called a yellow-faced woman, like peach gum can often eat some.

Apart from diet, women don’t want to age too fast? Please also do the following things in peacetime

1. Reduce the frequency of makeup, pay attention to reasonable skin care, and usually pay attention to deep cleansing of the skin and avoid pigmentation composure, causing the problem of chloasma to appear.

2. As the saying goes: “Women are made of water”, pay attention to timely hydration, which can enhance metabolism and excretion Toxins, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on the face.

3. Ensure adequate and high-quality sleep, maintain the normal operation of various organs, maintain endocrine stability, improve elasticity of the skin.

4. Pay attention to proper exercise, which can enhance immune function, enhance metabolism, expel toxins, and help lose weight Lose weight and resist aging.

5. Pay attention to sun protection when going out to avoid ultraviolet rays irradiating the skin, which can lead to the problem of chloasma produce.

What other tips do you know about women’s skin care? Feel free to share it in the comments below.