These “mole” on the child’s body, or the symbol of “good luck”, how many children do you have?

After the child was born, he received special attention from the family. Parents not only began to care about the child’s growth every day, but also paid special attention to the child’s health. It was found that The child’s skin has begun to explode in the past two days, which means that it has begun to grow up.

The child grows faster in the first three months after birth, and there will be a little meat circle on the body, which makes people especially like it. However, have you ever discovered such a phenomenon that when a child is born or in the growing stage, some “mole” will grow on the body.

The most common birthmarks on children are birthmarks, also known as pigmented moles. These pigmented moles are very common since the birth of the child. However, some moles are formed in the day after tomorrow.


These “mole” on the child’s body, or the symbol of “good luck”, how many children do you have?

1. Mole on the ear

Old people often say that “big and thick earlobes are a symbol of good fortune, which proves that children’s luck is relatively good when they grow up”. The older the child is in the process of growth, the more luck and luck there will be. If a black mole grows on the ear, it means that the child will have good luck in the future.

2. Mole on the back of the neck

Some children often have moles on the back of the neck. Such moles are also called lucky moles. If the moles grow in the center of the neck, they are also known as “backer moles” in the folk.

Children like this live smoothly in their lives. If there is any difficulty, the nobles will come back to help. There are many noble people and good deeds, so be safe.

3. Moles on the soles of the feet

Old people often say, “If you have seven stars on your feet, you will have an emperor in your life”, which means that people with seven moles on the soles of their feet are generally lucky.

But when it comes to Chequers, it is quite common to see people with moles on the soles of their feet in life. No matter how many moles are born on the soles of the feet, then They are all blessed children. Like this kind of children, they are kind-hearted and easy to get along with, are generous, and know how to take care of others.

Especially in life and marriage, the whole family lives happier and more blessed.

4. Mole on top of head

There are many children who will have a long-term treatment on their heads. I am very careful in life to the children here, do things carefully, and give them a strong sense of responsibility and safety.

You can achieve excellent results on the road of study and work in the future, have more personal achievements, and are easy to be trusted at work.

5. Mole on waist

I believe everyone has heard the saying “Wonderful”, children with moles on the waist will be blessed in the future, whether in work or study, they will be able to enjoy smooth sailing and earn more money to support own family, support the family burden.

6. Mole on the palm of the hand

In the process of growing up, if the child finds the Growing a sesame seed represents a lot of good fortune and good luck in the future. Children like this can achieve excellent results in career and study, and have a smooth life. They can work hard in their professional fields.


Reminder: should How to effectively prevent moles?

1. Adjust the diet structure in time

In daily life, you should pay more attention to your diet. It is best to keep your diet light and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, hawthorn, green vegetables, etc., and pay attention to the amount of salt. Controlling the amount can effectively reduce melanin and free radicals.

Secondly, after keeping more than 1500 ml of water into the human body today, it can speed up blood circulation and metabolism, detoxify the body in time, reduce the burden, and more. Helps prevent mole formation.

2. It is forbidden to take cosmetics containing estrogen

Some of the cosmetics sold on the market contain a small amount of estrogen, which can effectively promote the production of melanin in the body.

Applying too much make-up in your daily life can lead to a darker complexion, a lot of wrinkles and pigmentation spots and accelerated skin aging , and even cause disease.

3. Apply sunscreen on time

Most people think that only summer UV rays are too strong in the four seasons of the year, so sunscreen should be applied only in summer. In fact, this is not the case. Whether it is cloudy or rainy, summer or winter, sunscreen should be applied carefully.

Even on cloudy and rainy days, ultraviolet rays exist. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays on the skin will cause melanin and free radicals to produce melanin, and the particles will continue to precipitate in the skin. The surface layer of the skin makes the skin darker and more yellow, and it is easy to grow black moles.

In order to prevent black moles from growing on the face, it is recommended that you take good care of sunscreen, apply sunscreen or wear sunscreen tools. Makes the skin fairer and avoids melanoma at the same time.

4. Proper vitamin C supplementation

There are many kinds of vitamins. The most common is vitamin C. Vitamin C can promote the disappearance of free radicals and melanin in the body, and can play a role in beauty and beauty.

Vitamin C can effectively restore Dopakun to Dopa in the body, inhibit the formation of melanin on the surface of the skin, and make facial skin smoother and whiter bouncy.


Read Extension: Should How can I help my child grow taller?

1. Keep a regular schedule

If you want your child to grow taller, you must first ensure adequate sleep. Generally speaking, from 9:00 pm to one or two o’clock in the morning is the golden time for the body to secrete growth hormone.

If the child cannot sleep normally during this time, it will cause the body to develop too slowly, Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good routine in daily life, go to bed early and get up early, which is more conducive to the healthy development of the body.

2. Reasonable meal

Every child has different physical qualities. Parents should formulate a scientific and reasonable meal plan according to their child’s growth needs, and help their children develop a good eating habit of eating a rich and diverse diet and try not to be picky eaters.

Or drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed every day to supplement calcium and other mineral elements for the body, and eat more fresh meals three times a day Fruits and vegetables are replenished in time to enrich meat, so that calcium can be fully absorbed.

In addition, attention should be paid to the supplementation of other vitamins, dietary fiber, and trace elements to help children grow taller.

3. Multi-sport

Exercise is also a key factor in helping children grow taller. In daily life, take children to outdoor sports and participate in aerobic exercise, including football, basketball, skipping, running, etc. The factors that play a role in a child’s growth are very favorable.

On the other hand, during exercise, the secretion of hormones is strong and strong, the joints are more flexible, more growth hormone is secreted, and the Metabolism and blood circulation help to grow taller.

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