6 major “heartburn” foods, no matter how strong the stomach can’t stand it, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, quit 3 habits, eat 3 things

We usually feel all kinds of sensations, such as pain, itching, etc., but there is also a special feeling, most Young people don’t know much about it, but they often hear the elderly at home mention it as “heartburn”.

Many people have heard the elderly at home complain that they are very uncomfortable with heartburn, but they don’t understand the heartache in the end What a feeling.

Why do people get heartburn?

In fact, being sad is not a strange situation, but a relatively typical manifestation. The reason why people have heartburn and stomach acid Associated with hypersecretion.

Gastric acid is a component used to digest and absorb food. If there is too much gastric acid secretion, then it will Erosion of the gastric mucosa, although the human gastric mucosa is very strong, but the acidity of gastric acid is also very strong.

Therefore gastric acid secretion too much If you eat a lot of food, you will have a burning sensation in the gastric mucosa. This is what people call heartburn. In fact, some young people have experienced similar feelings, but because they don’t know much about this feeling, so even if they feel sad , or may not be aware of it.

6 Big “heartburn” food, no matter how strong the stomach is, it can’t stand it

1. Oranges

Orange is a fruit that is being produced in large quantities and is currently on the market. The water content in it is relatively rich, but oranges are very acidic. If it is too much, it is easy to cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, which will lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, and heartburn may also occur.

2. Kelp

As a seafood product, kelp tastes very delicious, and there are many ways to eat kelp. Don’t underestimate kelp. The nutritional value of this food is relatively high. High, but if those people with poor gastrointestinal function often eat kelp, it is easy to cause irritation to the stomach, resulting in excessive gastric acid secretion and heartburn.

3 , Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be eaten directly or used for cooking, which are rich in Water, lycopene and other nutrients, eating some tomatoes in daily life can have the effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin, and at the same time bring some benefits to the body, but if you eat too much, you will feel sad.

4, sweet potato

The elders in the family often attribute sweet potatoes to heartburn. It is true. Although sweet potatoes are very delicious, eating too much can easily cause gastric mucosa Damaged, it will also cause excessive gastric acid secretion and heartburn, so I hope you must control your intake.

5, onion

Onion is a vegetable, not only can be used for cooking, but also can be eaten directly, Onions are relatively rich in nutrients and are the only vegetable that contains prostaglandin A. However, the spicy ingredients of onions can stimulate the stomach and cause heartburn.

6. Chocolate

As a sweet food, chocolate tastes very delicious and can satisfy people’s appetite, but chocolate also contains a lot of theobromine, which can cause the esophageal sphincter to relax , There is a feeling of acid reflux and heartburn, so those who have very strong gastric acid secretion should try to eat as little as possible or not.

Strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, quit 3 habits, eat 3 things

【3 quits】< /span>

  • Not paying attention to keeping warm

It is cold winter now, and many people also feel the chill of winter. If you do not pay attention to keeping warm in winter, it is easy to cause the body to catch cold, and it will also cause spleen and stomach deficiency. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to keeping warm, it is easy to affect the normal function of the lungs.

  • Irregular meals

Many people have irregular meals, such as skipping breakfast or dinner. Some people think this is a way to lose weight, but in the long run it is very difficult It is easy to increase the burden on the stomach. For those whose stomach function is not very good, they should also pay special attention.

  • Immediately after a meal Exercise

Many people have heard that proper exercise after eating can help speed up the digestion of food Absorption, but if you exercise immediately after meals, it is not conducive to the health of the stomach. In severe cases, it may cause gastroptosis. For the sake of stomach health, it is not recommended to exercise immediately after meals.

【Eat 3 things】

  • Herinium erinaceus

For those who have poor stomach function, they should be more familiar with Hericium erinaceus, because Hericium erinaceus is a kind of food for nourishing the stomach, although it is a kind of mushroom food If you want to maintain the stomach, you can eat a little bit often. It may reduce the burden on the stomach, and it is also good for the health of the stomach.

  • Pumpkin

Chinese medicine believes that five colors enter the five internal organs, Yellow enters the stomach, and people with poor stomach function can consider eating some yellow food frequently, and pumpkin is a typical one. Pumpkin is relatively mild in nature and has very high nutritional value. Eating pumpkin in moderation can help repair the damaged body. Damaged gastric mucosa, reducing the burden on the stomach.

  • Apple

Apple is a kind of apple that we often eat in our daily life. It is precisely because apples are very common that people buy fruit When you are at home, you may pass by apples and choose other fruits. In fact, the nutritional value of apples is very high. It can not only bring some benefits to the body, but also help reduce the burden on the stomach.< /p>

To sum up, the stomach is very important in our body It is an internal organ, so I hope that everyone can actively regulate and maintain the stomach in daily life, and perhaps avoid damage to the health of the stomach. Do you have anything else to add? Please leave a comment below .