Calculating big accounts and small accounts

People often settle accounts, they have to plan their lives and practice strict savings, which is understandable. It’s just that many people only count small accounts, but they can’t calculate big accounts.

People are usually frugal, Live frugally, save the money you earn in the bank, and spend it when you have something to do. They usually calculate small accounts, and when something happens, they don’t count as big accounts. When a boy gets married, the old couple has to spend money to buy a building for the child, and also to pay the bride price, which can be regarded as “thousand days of savings, one day of spending.” So, can the big account be settled?

Of course it can’t be calculated, people only calculate the small accounts in front of them. It is indeed wrong to invest your whole life just to let your children take care of themselves. From the perspective of life value, it should not be so invested at all, but parents and children should grow together. Some parents dare to do anything for their children, even doing things that harm others and benefit themselves. For the sake of their children’s review and college entrance examination, some parents actually sued the nearby construction site and ordered the construction site to stop working. What’s more, in order to create a quiet environment for the children, they poisoned a frog in a pond. It seems that the parents are too sensitive, counting petty accounts and being very selfish. In fact, it has affected production and the natural environment, and the gains outweigh the losses.

People seem to focus on what’s in front of them, and most of them don’t focus on things in the future. After all, the future is unpredictable. People don’t know what the future will hold, so they have mixed feelings about the future. Those who look forward to the future think that the future may be very good, while those who do not like the future think that the future is not good. And many scammers are mostly focused on the future, drawing big cakes for people to satisfy their hunger, which makes many people fall into the trap. It seems that people are doing small calculations now, and big ones later.

The current accounts must be calculated, and they are also necessary for life. If you can’t figure it out, you risk spending a lot of money and feeling bad. If you spend less and do more, you will get good results. Therefore, when buying daily necessities, people have to compare prices to see which products are of high quality and low price, which products have coupons, and they also have to visit online stores and physical stores before deciding to buy. When getting married, the cost is very high, and it is also the same. From flower services to wedding companies, they will compare prices and choose the best ones. It’s just that what people don’t know is that a lot of their usual savings are spent when they get married, which is not a pity at all. Compared with the money spent, those so-called gift money simply couldn’t make ends meet, or they just made a small profit. In the end, it was cheaper for the restaurant. Perhaps, this is the reason why the restaurant is so prosperous.

Someone got sick If you don’t want to go to the doctor, just bear with it and endure it. Of course it’s good to be able to recover. It can be regarded as saving money, and the disease can be cured without spending money. Isn’t it a small account? However, not all diseases are so easy to overcome. If you don’t get better, you may become seriously ill and go to a big hospital for an examination before you regret it too late. If you have a minor illness, you can go to the hospital for treatment and spend a small amount of money. As the saying goes, “Healing a disease is like raising a tiger.” If a minor illness turns into a serious illness, it will kill a person. At that time, it will not matter how much money is spent, and it will not be a problem solved by money and power. In dealing with diseases, you must not count small accounts, so as not to take your own life into it.

There are officials who are usually a little bit corrupt, and I don’t think it’s a big deal. After all, everyone is following the unspoken rules, but they don’t say it explicitly. A little bit of corruption, a little bit more corruption, accumulates more, just like farmers save money, the more they save, the more they save. However, the courage of corrupt officials is not as timid as that of peasants, but the more corrupt they are, the more courageous they become, the more they embezzle more money, and finally become big corrupt officials who have corrupted over 100 million yuan, which is jaw-dropping. Small calculations eventually turned into big calculations, or even calculations after autumn, so there is nothing to talk about.

The driver was driving, and one or two screws in the car were loose, and he felt fine. He was busy and had no time to fix it, but , A long time may lead to a car accident. If it is repaired in time, the accident may be avoided. Then why not start with small problems and prevent them from happening? Because most people are careless, they don’t like to worry about, and they don’t like to start with small problems. Unless they know how difficult life is and how hard it is to make money, they have to guard against erroneous things, otherwise they will only spend big money because of some small problems. Price.

Some people take advantage of the small gains and suffer big losses. They pick sesame seeds and lose watermelon. In order to get a few eggs, the elderly go to wait in line at five o’clock every morning, and listen to the fools of pyramid schemes. Even knowing that those people are pyramid schemes, they still believe them and buy a lot of health care products. It’s not just a few eggs. There are also people who believe in illegal fund-raising and use their savings to make money. They say it is an investment, but in fact they only get interest for a few months or a year or two. Then why do people only see the benefits, and they can calculate small accounts, but they can’t calculate big accounts? In addition to the guidance of customs, it is the attraction of interests. To put it bluntly, it is all set by capital.

Capital has set up many jobs, allowing people to earn money, and set up many The way to spend money allows people to spend the money they earn, and even if they don’t spend it, they will let others spend it. The property of money itself is for circulation, and there is no value without circulation. The scientific name is called general equivalent. Therefore, Most people start to settle accounts, they need to make more money and less money, they need to keep earning money, get benefits, and satisfy some of their own desires, but who owns the money in the end can only be said to be whoever spends it, just like Food is the same, what you eat is yours.

In this way, it is a small account to save money , counting big accounts and spending money, even thousands of calculations can’t be regarded as a capital trap. So, how to deal with it? It’s better to earn more money and spend less money. Save. If you have more money and realize financial freedom, you don’t have to work hard to settle accounts.